# First Name Last Name NOC
1 Daan De Groot NED
2 Seppe Odeyn BEL
3 Richard Lustenberger SUI
4 Jens-Michael Gossauer SUI
5 Michael Ott SUI
6 Matthieu Bourgeois FRA
8 Fabian Zehnder SUI
9 Michael Pfanner SUI
10 Andreas Kälin SUI
12 Dario Muffler SUI
14 Greg Close USA
15 Victor Henry FRA
16 Daniel Soltys GBR
17 Jens Frommhold GER
18 Baptiste Domanico FRA
19 Jan Petralia BEL
20 Fabian Holbach GER
21 Wout Driever NED
Program notes:

Technical Delegate:  Maisie Bancewicz/GBR. Head Referee: Ton Bloothoofd/NED.
Competition Mary Clare Bancewicz/GBR, Beat Wälti/SUI, Stefane Mauris/SUI.
Distances: Run1 9.6km (2 laps); Bike 144km (3 laps);  Run2 30km (3 laps).
Air temperature: 25ºC. Humidity: 51%.
Athlete #1 De Groot/NED was disqualified because he did not stop at the penalty box. 
Athlete #12 Muffler/SUI served a penalty of one minute during the bike segment.
Athlete #8 Zehnder/SUI served a penalty of five minutes during the bike segment.