# First Name Last Name NOC
1447 Charlie Barnes CAN
1448 Jim Farr USA
1449 Kenneth Fleischhacker USA
1450 Jack Welber USA
1451 Lachlan Lewis AUS
Program notes:

Technical Delegate: Esteban Benitez/MEX. Head Referee: Yan Therrien/CAN.
Competition Jury: Esteban Benitez/MEX; Leslie Buchanan/CAN; Joe Morissette/CAN.
Water Temperature: 19.7ºC. Air Temperature: 25ºC. Wetsuits allowed.
Distances: Swim 750m (1 lap) ; Bike 19.2km (2 laps);  Run 5km (1 lap)
Athletes #1448 Farr/USA and #1450 Welber/USA were disqualified for not completing the bike course.