# First Name Last Name NOC
1 Georgia Taylor-Brown GBR
2 Beth Potter GBR
4 Cassandre Beaugrand FRA
6 Alberte Kjær Pedersen DEN
7 Sophie Coldwell GBR
8 Jeanne Lehair LUX
9 Cathia Schär SUI
10 Verena Steinhauser ITA
12 Eva Daniels LUX
14 Audrey Merle FRA
17 Matilda Offord AUS
18 Emy Legault CAN
19 Summer Rappaport USA
21 Djenyfer Arnold BRA
22 Jaz Hedgeland AUS
25 Taylor Spivey USA
26 Melanie Santos POR
27 Lotte Miller NOR
30 Ainsley Thorpe NZL
31 Natalie Van Coevorden AUS
Race conditions:  28.6°C |  20.4°C
Wetsuits: forbidden
Program notes:

Technical Delegate: Thanos Nikopoulos/GRE. Head Referees: Patty Petty/BER and Janice Ryan/CAN.
Competition Jury: Ulf Schuetze/CAN; Miles Stewart/AUS; Joe Morissette/CAN.
Water Temperature: 20.4ºC. Air Temperature: 28.6ºC. Wetsuits Forbidden.
Swim: 300m (1 lap) ; Bike 7.2km (3 laps);  Run 2km (2 laps)
Top 10 athletes progressed to Final Stage 3.