# First Name Last Name NOC
Jack Stanton-Stock GBR
Daniel Dixon GBR
Aurelien Raphael FRA
Lionel Sanders CAN
Jackson Laundry CAN
Henri Schoeman RSA
Lucas Cambresy LUX
Christopher Perham GBR
Nicolas Harvey CAN
William Nolet CAN
Tomas Tolkunov SVK
Mathis Beaulieu CAN
Filip Mainville CAN
Benjamin Zorgnotti TAH
Itamar Eshed ISR
Chase McQueen USA
Vitalii Vorontsov UKR
Michael Arishita USA
Jeremy Briand CAN
Leo Roy CAN
Program notes:

Head referee: Keith Iwasaki/CAN
Positions 1 to 10 are the results from the Final
Al other positions are sorted by the times in the heats.