Start List: 2023 World Triathlon Para Cup Malaga | PTWC Men
21 Oct, 2023 Malaga, Spain
# First Name Last Name NOC
121 Giovanni Achenza H1 ITA
123 Jose Cristobal Ramos Jimenez H1 ESP
124 Louis Noel H2 FRA
126 Manuel Afonso Betancor H2 ESP
127 Francisco Postlethwaite Muñoz H1 MEX
Race conditions:  21.2°C |  17.6°C
Wetsuits: allowed
Program notes:

Technical Delegate: Thanos Nikopoulos/GRE.
Interval start: H2 athletes started the race 03:00 after H1 athletes. The total time of the H2 athletes is the addition of the five splits plus 03:00.
Athlete #126 Afonso Betancor/ESP served 10 seconds penalty in T1.
Athlete #127 Postlethwaite Muñoz/MEX served 10 seconds penalty during the run segment.