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Essential Triathlon Training Tips: The finish

23 April 2013 by Erin Greene
Essential Triathlon Training Tips: The finish

As the saying goes, all good things must come to a close. Today we bring you the last video in this series of Essential Triathlon Training Tips. There’s no other way to wrap it all up than to talk about the triathlon finish itself.

Finishing a triathlon is both an accomplishment and a reward. No matter if you run, walk, hobble, or crawl, crossing the line is cause for celebration. Stop to recognize your success and celebrate the journey of getting there. Take a moment to shake hands with your competitors, smile for the camera and give a little fist pump to reward yourself for completing such a tough athletic endeavor. Triathlon, after all, is all about challenging your limits and finishing one proves you had the courage to do it.

While this is the last Essential Triathlon Training Tip in this series, check back next Tuesday for a new set of drills that will help you to your best race form. In the meantime, look for an ITU World Triathlon Series race near you here.

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