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2014 Jiayuguan ITU Triathlon World Cup

Jiayuguan, Gansu Province, China, China | July 26 2014 - July 27 2014

Event Information

Technical Delegate: Rachel Ribo (PHI)

Entry Fee: N/A

Prize Money: 60 000 USD

Average Altitude: 1600m.

Water temperature: Wetsuit Possible
Number of laps: 2 Laps
Elite: Pontoon Diving Start
Age Groups: In-water Start
Conditions: Inland Lake

Number of laps: 8 Laps
Asphalt plus cement, flat, a few corners

Number of laps: 4 Laps
Asphalt plus cement, flat

Event Information (Other related information about the Event):

Average Altitude: 1600m.

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 7,500 USD
2nd. 6,000 USD
3rd. 4,500 USD
4th. 3,000 USD
5th. 2,100 USD
6th. 1,800 USD
7th. 1,500 USD
8th. 900 USD
9th. 675 USD
10th. 525 USD
11th. 450 USD
12th. 375 USD
13th. 300 USD
14th. 225 USD
15th. 150 USD

Contact Information

Website: Visit External Site

Contact: Mr.Guo zhongmin

Email: Mr.Guo zhongmin

Phone: CTSA:86-(0)10-68826378 86-13911997060(Ms.Jin Wen);LOC:86-13321269703(Mr.Guo Zhongmin)86-13993768638(Mr. Zhang Jimin)

Fax: CTSA:86-(0)10-68862596

Mailing Address: LOC:NO.1 Wuhuan Block South Xinhua Road Jiayuguan City

Local Information

Event Closest Airport


For visa application,please fill in the form (Information for Visa Invitation) which you could download on the “Docs”,then email the form to the person as follows:
Ms.Li Nan
Mobile Phone:+86-18693771155

Event Local Transport

Local transportation will be provided for Elite Athletes,please fill in the form (Personal and Flight Information) which you could download on the “Docs”,then email the form to the person as follows:
Mr.Guo zhongmin
Mobile Phone:+86-13321269703

Event Travel Host Hotel

Host Hotel:Great Wall Hotel
Address: NO.6 West Jianshe Road,Jiayuguan City
Phone number:+86-0937-6225266

LOC Contact Person for Accommodation
Mr.Guo zhongmin
Mobile Phone:+86-13321269703


Athlete Briefing

Elite: 18:00,July 24
Age Group: 17:00,July 26
Offical Hotel:Great Wall Hotel

Event Schedule

14:30—16:30 Uniform Check (Junior Men & Women)
15:30 - 17:30   Uniform Check (Elite Men & Women)
17:00—18:00 Registration for Athletes’ Briefing
18:00—19:00 Race Briefing(Elite)
19:00—19:30 Race Package Distribution(Elite)

09:00—17:00 Registration & Package Pick-up(AG)
09:00—10:00 Elite Cycling Course Familiarization
10:00—11:00 Elite Swimming Course Familiarization

07:30-08:30 Elite Men Athletes’ lounge check in
08:00-08:45 Elite Men Transition zone check in
08:20—08:45 Opening Ceremony
08:50       Elite Men presentation
09:00—15:00 Registration & Package Pick-up(AG)
09:00       Elite Men—Start
10:15-11:15 Elite Women Athletes’ lounge check in
10:45-11:30 Elite Women Transition zone check in
11:35       Elite Women presentation
11:45       Elite Women—Start
14:00       Awards Presentation – Elite Men & Women
14:30       Junior Men—Start
15:00       Junior Women—Start
16:15       Awards Presentation for Juniors
17:00—18:00 Race Briefing & Medical Delegate’s Advices(AG)

DATE (27/07/14)
09:00 Standard Distance Age Groups—Start
09:20 Duathlon—Start
09:50 Sprint Distance Age Groups—Start
10:20 Aquathlon—Start
11:30 Fun Tri—Start
11:30-14:00 Awards Presentation for Individual Prizes
12:30 CTSA National Cup Elite Men—Start
14:00 CTSA National Cup Elite Women—Start
18:00 Awarding Ceremony(for Team Prizes)


Event Media Details

LOC Contact Person for Media :
Mr.Yu tengjiang
Mobile Phone: +86-13830782560

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