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2014 Tartu ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup

Tartu, Estonia | July 13 2014

Event Information

Technical Delegate: Dag Oliver (NOR)

Entry Fee: 80€ (Deadline for payment: 1 month prior the event)

Prize Money: 10 000€

750 m

20km (4 x 5km)

5 km (2 x 2.5km)

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 1,250 EUR
2nd. 1,000 EUR
3rd. 750 EUR
4th. 500 EUR
5th. 400 EUR
6th. 350 EUR
7th. 300 EUR
8th. 200 EUR
9th. 150 EUR
10th. 100 EUR

Contact Information

Website: Visit External Site

Contact: Ain-Alar Juhanson

Email: Ain-Alar Juhanson

Phone: +37253338272

Mailing Address: Lai 11/13, Town:Tartu, Zipcode:51005, Country:Estonia

Local Information

Event Closest Airport

The nearest airport is located in Tartu http://www.tartu-airport.ee , Nearest international airports are in Tallinn http://www.tallinn-airport.ee/  (distance from Tallinn to Tartu 185km) and in Riga http://www.riga-airport.com/ (distance from Riga to Tartu 245km)
For Visa Requirements, please check: http://www.vm.ee/?q=en/node/4039

Event Local Transport

We recommend to arrive to Tartu from Tallinn / Riga by car. You can book a rental car from airports (Avis, Hertz etc.) If you arrive by seas https://laevapiletid.ee/ , we recommend to have your own car with you. Bus connections to/from Tartu are very good (bus information - http://www.tpilet.ee/en? ). Train connections to/from Tartu are not very good http://www.edel.ee/274/

Event Travel Host Hotel

Official Hotel Partner
SPA & Conference Hotel Dorpat Tartu

Official Traveling partner:
Reisiekspert - http://www.reisiekspert.ee/default.asp/lan/en

Event Travel Homestay

For homestay possibilites please contact - office@tartutriatlon.ee


Event Schedule

*Friday, 11th July*

18,00 Elite briefing - ITU European Cup at Atlantis restaurant
20,00 Opening Ceremony and Atlantis Pasta Party

*Saturday, 12th July*

17.00 - 18.00 swim course familiarization. Notice! - The buoys are not in Sunday’s race position.
19,00 - 20,00 2014 Tartu ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup—bike course familiarization

*Sunday, 13th July*

10.30 - 11.30 Athletes Lounge Check in Women
10.45 - 11.40 Transition area is open for Women check-in
11.30 - 11.45   Swim warm up
12.00 *2014 Tartu ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup—Women START*
13.10 - 13.40 Transition area is open for Women bike check out
13.30 - 14.30 Athletes Lounge Check in Men
13.45 - 14.40 Transition area is open for Men check-in
14.30 - 14.45   Swim warm up
15.00 *2014 Tartu ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup—Men START*
16.10 - 16.50 Transition area is open for Men bike check out
17.00 *2014 Tartu ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup—Awards Ceremony*
18.00 2014 Tartu ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup—Closing ceremony
21.00 Afterparty at Atlantis Night Club


Event Media Details

Media Contact

Helen Vellau

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