Age Group World Champs Soon!

by ITU Admin on 01 Sep, 2009 12:00

With little time to go until the paratriathlon and age group racing gets underway for the 2009 ITU Triathlon World Championships, amateur competitors from across the globe will start to make their way to Australia’s Gold Coast.

What to Expect
Despite it being the winter in Australia, the weather will still feel warm. With the Age Group, paratriathlon, junior, under 23 and Dextro Energy Triathlon - ITU World Championship Series Grand Final, as well as the ITU Aquathlon World Championships all taking place, it’s going to be a busy week of racing.

Gold Coast is regarded as the Mecca of triathlon and you can be assured that the Aussies will be looking to race and party hard. With Emma Snowsill back racing on home turf following her Olympic gold medal in Beijing, excitement could be reaching fever pitch levels, and if Emma Moffatt and Brad Kahlefeldt continue their run of fine form it could go through the roof. Expect topless guys, bikini clad girls and plenty of inflatable kangaroos!

Sun, sun, and more sun. Hopefully a gentle sea breeze will be blowing in over the Great Barrier Reef providing some respite for the athletes once they are out on the course, although conditions are not expected to be too overbearing.

Sun tan lotion or blocker will be a necessity, especially as the swim is likely to be a non-wetsuit affair. Plenty of liquids will need to be taken in on the cycle to replenish supplies and electrolyte replacement will be a top priority to prevent cramp. A cap for the run should keep the sun off the face and wick sweat away from the forehead.

Age Group Course

Swim: 1 x 1500m lap

Rather than risk the swells of the Pacific, the swim will be held within Southport Harbour, protected from the waves (and sharks). With a single lap point-to-point and non-wetsuit swim expected, the stronger swimmers will look to take full advantage.

Cycle: 2 x 20km laps

Racing up the Gold Coast Highway, the cycle should be flat and fast, but with a few technical elements, such as chicanes and the odd hairpin. Pedal power will be the name of the game, and if you can handle the heat build up around the cranium then an aero helmet may well be the way forward.

Run: 1 x 10km lap

The long out and back run offers few opportunities to hide from the competition. Like the cycle it will be flat and fast, however there are a few tricky corners to navigate as the course winds alongside the harbour

Age Group Media Services
• Live Timing – Follow your athlete live as they race against competitors from all continents.

• Live Finish Video – Have your fans follow you through the timing system and then watch you live as you cross the line at the ITU Triathlon World Championships all the way Down Under.

• On Demand Finish Video – Want to see your finish again and again? Simply type your name and relive your moment of glory. Available several days post event.

• Results Posted to – Your times are recorded in the ITU history databanks and displayed forever.

• Action Pictures - Professional photographers will be based throughout the course to capture shots of every athlete.

• Gallery of Best Shots on – Elite photographer Delly Carr will be out on course to capture the best of the Age Group event.

• Age Group Video Highlights – Keep an eye out for the ITU TV crew and be part of our Age Group highlights and in with a chance of being featured in our TV show.

• MyStory – Send us your story of your journey to the Triathlon World Championships and be in with a chance of winning prize packs. Click here for more details.

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09 - 13 Sep, 2009 • event pageall results
Results: 35-39 Male AG
1. J.j. Bailey USA 01:57:30
2. Andrew Fuller AUS 01:57:49
3. Eligio Cervantes Islas MEX 01:58:17
4. Cameron Simon AUS 01:58:59
5. Brendan Deurloo AUS 01:59:45
6. Paul Dodd AUS 01:59:58
7. Rhett Pattison AUS 02:00:05
8. Nicholas Malynn GBR 02:00:11
9. David Hendrey AUS 02:00:12
10. Finnbar Crennan AUS 02:00:26
Results: 35-39 Female AG
1. Suzanne Chandler CAN 02:08:54
2. Sophie Whitworth GBR 02:09:02
3. Beverley Thomas AUS 02:09:28
4. Lisa Greenfield GBR 02:14:25
5. Shona Forrest GBR 02:14:49
6. Kathleen Allen USA 02:15:42
7. Sharyn Madders AUS 02:15:58
8. Mary Bradbury USA 02:16:47
9. Janine Wilson AUS 02:17:02
10. Trudy Fawcett GBR 02:17:14
Results: 30-34 Male AG
1. Troy Drinan AUS 01:55:07
2. Michael Prince AUS 01:55:15
3. Mark Harms USA 01:55:16
4. Charles Griffith AUS 01:56:38
5. Brodie Madgwick NZL 01:57:08
6. Simon Nash AUS 01:57:43
7. Nathan Fitzakerley AUS 01:57:50
8. Brian Fort USA 01:57:52
9. Dale Grassby GBR 01:57:55
10. Carl Read NZL 01:58:06
Results: 30-34 Female AG
1. Tamsin Lewis GBR 02:07:41
2. Tamlyn Mathiske AUS 02:09:02
3. Alison Ryan AUS 02:09:46
4. Lucie Richards AUS 02:10:09
5. Seeley Gutierrez USA 02:11:03
6. Pamela Jennings USA 02:11:33
7. Kym Jaenke AUS 02:11:35
8. Natalie Smith AUS 02:11:56
9. Jessica Fleming AUS 02:12:33
10. Rebecca Rae NZL 02:12:37
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