2012 Photo of the Year Week Four Result

by Erin Greene on 30 Nov, 2012 01:51 • Español
2012 Photo of the Year Week Four Result

The fourth installment of the Photo of the Year contest was a tight battle for much of the week. Votes hinged between the celebratory shot of Germany’s Jan Frodeno running down the finish chute and the scenic women’s start in front of the Austrian Alps at the ITU World Triathlon Series Kitzbühel.

But in a last-minute come from behind win, Igor Polyanskiy’s animal-like exit from the water won the contest. Igor Polyanskiy, who is photographed alongside his brother Dmitry Polyanskiy, was the fastest man out of the water that day.

Igor’s powerful frame appears to be rising out of the water like a mythological creature ready to race, which isn’t far from the truth. The precise position of his hand shows a practiced transition while the flexed muscle and breadth of his upper torso displays Igor’s incredible power. 

Photographer: Janos Schmidt

Final result

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Related Event: 2012 ITU World Triathlon Kitzbuehel
23 - 24 Jun, 2012 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Nicola Spirig SUI 02:05:37
2. Lisa Norden SWE 02:05:40
3. Andrea Hansen NZL 02:05:43
4. Barbara Riveros CHI 02:05:45
5. Jessica Harrison FRA 02:05:57
Results: Elite Men
1. Alistair Brownlee GBR 01:50:13
2. Jonathan Brownlee GBR 01:51:02
3. Javier Gomez Noya ESP 01:51:18
4. Alexander Bryukhankov RUS 01:51:27
5. Dmitry Polyanskiy RUS 01:51:41
Results: Para Triathlon Male TRI-6
1. Patrick Bocchi ITA 01:12:58
Results: Para Triathlon Male TRI-5
1. Martin Falch AUT 01:09:52
Results: Para Triathlon Male TRI-4
1. Yannick Bourseaux FRA 01:00:53
2. Oliver Dreier AUT 01:05:48
3. Alessio Borgato ITA 01:08:28
4. Sergio Marcantognini ITA 01:16:55
5. Luca Gattoni ITA 01:22:51
Results: Para Triathlon Male TRI-2
1. Andrea Bozzato ITA 01:10:57
2. David Peiffer FRA 01:19:55
3. Christian Troger AUT 01:22:44
4. Andrea Devicenzi ITA 01:31:52
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