64 Promising Triathletes from 42 Nations to Compete at Youth Olympic Games

by Masa Takaya on 09 Aug, 2010 06:48 • Español

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The draw for YOG athletes is performed by Olympic medalist

A total of 64 athletes representing 42 nations from five continents are set to compete at the first-ever Youth Olympic Games, which will open in Singapore on 14 August. Among the nations competing, 12 countries have never participated in triathlon in the Olympic Games, demonstrating the growing diversity of the sport among youth across the world.

The number of countries representing each continent are as follows: 16 from Europe, 13 from America, 8 from Asia, 3 from Africa and 2 from Oceania. The 12 countries with athletes racing in Singapore that have never participated in the past three editions of the Olympic Games are: Namibia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Mongolia, Singapore, Thailand, Croatia, Israel, and Slovenia. Click to see the complete Women’s Start List / Men’s Start List).

“Global sport development has long been a priority of ITU and the list of countries competing at the Youth Olympic Games demonstrates ITU’s success at bringing the sport to emerging nations.”
Marisol Casado, ITU President

Marisol Casado, President of ITU and IOC Member said:
“Global sport development has long been a priority of ITU and the list of countries competing at the Youth Olympic Games demonstrates ITU’s success at bringing the sport to emerging nations. The Team ITU Elite Athlete Development Programme and ITU Sport Development Camps have been vital to bringing triathlon to more places than ever before and we’re very excited about the continued success of these programmes in the future.”

The triathlon events at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games will be held in Singapore’s East Coast Park, the largest and most popular of Singapore’s public beaches. The women’s event will take place on the first day of the Games, at 9am on 15 August. As the opening event of the games, the winner of the women’s contest will be awarded the first-ever Youth Olympic Games gold medal. The men’s race will take place on the following day, 16 August. Athletes competing in both the men’s and women’s races will complete a sprint-distance triathlon (750-metre swim, 20K bike, 5K run).

A 4 x mixed relay triathlon will take place on 19 August, marking the first time the format has been featured at a Major Games. Teams will be made up of two women and two men, with each Continental Federation fielding at least one team. Each of the four participants in the relay will compete a 250-metre swim, 7K bike and 1.7K run before tagging a team member to begin the next segment.

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14 - 26 Aug, 2010 • event pageall results
Results: Youth Women
1. Yuka Sato JPN 01:00:48
2. Ellie Salthouse AUS 01:01:03
3. Kelly Whitley USA 01:01:13
4. Adriana Barraza MEX 01:01:48
5. Eszter Dudás HUN 01:01:55
6. Fanny Beisaron ISR 01:02:06
7. Marlene Gomez-Islinger GER 01:02:27
8. Maddie Dillon NZL 01:02:34
9. Laura Casey IRL 01:02:40
10. Monika Orazem SLO 01:03:09
Results: Youth Men
1. Aaron Barclay NZL 00:54:41
2. Kevin McDowell USA 00:54:55
3. Alois Knabl AUT 00:55:04
4. Miguel Fernandes POR 00:55:12
5. Abrahm Louw NAM 00:55:28
6. Lukas Kocar CZE 00:55:57
7. Jérémy Obozil FRA 00:56:21
8. Wian Sullwald RSA 00:56:25
9. Gábor Hankó HUN 00:56:49
10. Lautaro Diaz ARG 00:56:53
Results: 4xMixed Relay
1. Team I Europe ITU 01:19:51
2. Team I Oceania ITU 01:19:55
3. Team I America ITU 01:19:58
4. Team II Europe ITU 01:22:11
5. Team II America ITU 01:22:30
6. Team III Europe ITU 01:22:49
7. Team IV Europe ITU 01:22:54
8. Team I Asia ITU 01:23:20
9. Team I World ITU 01:23:37
10. Team V Europe ITU 01:23:48
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