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Iran welcomes coach and athlete development camp
Sport Development Camps were introduced in Asia in 2012. These camps aim at introducing talent identification concepts & coaching development over a period of three days. Participating coaches are requested to test athletes, analyze, and apply results to practical training sessions. Long term development, periodization, required physical abilities, and technical skills are discussed in classroom session before and after each training day.

On Iran’s Kirsh Island, 12 certified ITU level 1 coaches and 25 junior and U23 athletes joined the development camp. The Iran Federation embraced the opportunity for their coaches and athletes to learn. Mr. Mohammad Ali Sabour, president of Iran Triathlon Federation, expressed that they selected young and open minded coaches to help in the in the development of triathlon in Iran.

“I am certain that all our coaches and athletes learned a lot. We were asked to think about the purpose of each training session, explain and comprehend all drills or skills we gave to our athletes. It seems simple and obvious, but we easily forget the basics concepts and we get used to doing what we have been doing without thinking about the real purposes,” said Mohammad Mansourzadeh, Iran National Team Coach.

“Iran has potential to develop Triathlon. The federation is young but they know what needs to be done to develop their coaches and athletes. I hope Iranian coaches and athletes realize that without good coaches, athletes can’t reach their full potential. Coaches need to constantly learn to improve their athletes’ performances,” said Luc Morin, ITU development expert.

“Iranian coaches and athletes are eager to learn about triathlon training. There were many questions about how international athletes train and what coaches do. Luc did his best to make them understand the reasoning behind all the coaching instructions. I am certain that we can fulfill National Federations’ demands through this type of project,” said Ki Woo-kyong, ITU Asia Sport Development coordinator.

Egypt hosts development camp
A total of 25 athletes and coaches from eight countries participated in a development camp in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, from March 10-15. The two-day camp and coaches seminar were held in conjunction with an ATU African Cup and the Pan Arab Triathlon Championships. From the base at the Sol-Cyrene Resort, three training sessions were held each day despite weather conditions that were at times rather unusual for the part of the world.

Athletes and coaches from very different backgrounds, conversing in no less than three languages, worked for one for one week together to improve both coaching skills and performance. “To be part of a camp where such a diverse group of people almost instantly forms bonds like a tight-knit family is always a very special experience. Coaches and athletes have worked very well together and with great enthusiasm customized training sessions to ensure everybody could benefit,” agreed course facilitators.

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Facilitator course held in Lausanne
The ITU Headquarters in Lausanne hosted the ITU Facilitator Course for coaches, technical officials and paratriathlon classifiers in mid-March. The 3-day course was led by Norman Brook, with the support and assistance of ITU staff members Gergely Markus, Sport Director and Thanos Nikopoulos Sr. Manager of Technical Operations. Thirteen European and North American participants from eight countries attended the seminar to learn more about how to facilitate a course. After the seminar they all will be able to assist or conduct an ITU course as part of the ITU Development Education Programme at their specific area in the future.

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