Accommodation rates for Doha

by World Triathlon Admin on 06 Feb, 2006 12:00

DAGOC is pleased to announce the final Hotel names and rates for the Doha 2006 ITU Triathlon World Cup and is subsidising the hotel prices, in order to provide better rates for the ITU family.

The Official Hotel is the Marriott Hotel (5km away from the Venue) Alternate hotel bookings will be at Rydges Hotel (1km away form the Venue).

In specific the room rates are:

Marriott_ deluxe single (room with breakfast):450 QR/ 103 euros                      
Marriott_ deluxe double (room with breakfast):500 QR/ 114 euros (57 euros per person)

Rydges_ Single (room with breakfast):  350 QR/ 80 euros  
Rydges_ Double (room with breakfast): 400 QR/ 91 euros (46 euros per person)                     

Reservations Coordinator:
Ms Alisa Henderson,, tell: +974 448-2758

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Doha 2006 ITU Triathlon World Cup!

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Results: Elite Men
1. Brad Kahlefeldt AUS 01:51:17
2. Mark Fretta USA 01:51:23
3. Volodymyr Polikarpenko UKR 01:51:27
4. David Dellow AUS 01:51:52
5. Tony Moulai FRA 01:52:01
Results: Elite Women
1. Annabel Luxford AUS 01:59:36
2. Joelle Tesche GER 01:59:48
3. Laura Bennett USA 02:01:05
4. Jessica Harrison FRA 02:01:37
5. Carole Peon FRA 02:02:37
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