Anti-Doping News: Erroneous Information

by ITU Admin on 06 Mar, 2009 12:01

The ITU Newsletter has been focusing on the differences on the anti-doping changes in the World Anti-doping Agency Code from 2003 and the current 2009 WADA Code.
Another change between the old World Anti-doping Agency Code and the 2009 WADA Code is about the right to comment on erroneous information.  As per the WADA magazine Play True (Issue 3-2008) the original Code did not authorize anti-doping organizations and WADA accredited laboratories to comment publicly on a case, except for describing the process and science in a general way, the amended Code allows them to react to public comments attributed to an athlete, athlete representatives or to other concerned individuals (Article 14.2.5). This new clause allows for anti-doping organizations and WADA accredited laboratories to correct erroneous or false information being circulated in the public domain concerning a pending case.

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