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by ITU Admin on 13 Feb, 2009 12:01

Another change from the World Anti-doping Agencys (WADAs) 2009 Code is incentives to come forward were strengthened from the 2003 Code.  From WADAs Play True magazine (Issue 3-2008) the potential extent of the suspension of an ineligibility period (one-half of the otherwise applicable ineligibility period in the current Code) was enhanced to three-quarters of the otherwise applicable ineligibility period in the revised Code, for substantial assistance to an anti-doping organization, criminal authority or professional disciplinary body which results in the anti-doping organization discovering or establishing an anti-doping rule violation by another person or which results in a criminal or disciplinary body discovering a criminal offence or the breach of professional rules by another person (Article 10.5.3).

In addition, where an athlete or other person voluntarily admits the commission of an anti-doping rule violation prior to receiving notice of a sample collection that could establish an anti-doping rule violation, or in circumstances where no anti-doping organization is aware that an anti-doping rule violation might have been committed, the period of ineligibility may be reduced, both not below one-half of the period of ineligibility otherwise applicable (Article 1.5.4.).

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