Anti-Doping Update

by ITU Admin on 24 Jul, 2006 11:59

Recently, the ITU Executive Board approved the new ITU Anti-Doping Rules which can be found on the ITU website at . The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Director of Standards and Harmonization, Rune Anderson, and the Manager of Legal and Results Management, Janie Soubliere, congratulated ITU on its anti-doping rules. We thank you for your cooperation in this legislative exercise and for your continued commitment to drug-free sport, they said.

In June, WADA came out with some statistics about adverse analytical findings which appeared to show that Triathlon had a very high percentage compared to other sports in 2005. However, in a letter to Les McDonald, ITU President from David Howman, WADA Director General, explains that these findings do not factor in the Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs). If one did, then Triathlons rating on the scale would be extremely low.  However, right now, WADA does not receive all the information that they need to take into account all TUEs.  This is the optimal outcome, and one which we very much wish to receive, he said with regards to receiving all the information that they need. You will see the benefit in the adoption of ADAMS by all Anti-Doping Organizations (ADO), including your international federation.  In the meantime, we can only continue on the basis that we expect ADOs to give us the statistical data on an annual basis, we shall request that next year for all, in the hope that the statistical report can therefore cover the points you raise in relation to TUEs, stated Howman.

There will be a meeting of all NF administrators in charge of their Anti-doping programmes in Lausanne on Friday, September 1st, 2006.  This will include an introduction to ADAMS and WADA-ITU requirements for the upcoming 2007 season. Information will be sent out to the NFs shortly or contact Leslie Buchanan at for more information.

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