ASICS World Triathlon Team – updates from the athletes

by Doug Gray on 06 Apr, 2020 02:41 • Español
ASICS World Triathlon Team – updates from the athletes

While the global triathlon family continues to pull together in these unusual times, for athletes around the world the opportunities to train, the resources available and the support from their national bodies varies enormously. For the members of the ASICS World Triathlon Team, to whom the ITU Development project provides precious logistical assistance and back-up that the smaller NFs cannot, the challenges of the current landscape are considerable.

Needless to say, the ITU Development Team remains in close contact with the athletes to ensure they are keeping healthy, physically and mentally, and able to maintain some structure to their training. The ITU Education Hub has become more important than ever as a tool to share information and keep in touch, and here are some of the team’s first-hand experiences as they came to terms with the ever-changing situation around the world.
Antoanela Manac (ROM)
“After I returned from the last race in Mexico I was blocked at home by the authorities. Romanian rules say that if I travelled to an affected area I must be isolated at my residence for 14 days. So I was in isolation at home without going anywhere to buy food (or run), and the police checking on me every day that I’m home, which has now ended but I am still at home. Apart from all of these circumstances, I feel very good at the moment and I train every day as much as I can, on a home trainer or doing strength and stretching. I just hope this pandemic ends as soon as possible and we return to normal life.”

Brian Esteban Moya (COL)
“My country was put on lockdown until 13 April, but that is now extended by two weeks and with the possibility of tighter rules and only being allowed outside for food or medical issues. I’m in a town near the capital Bogota where I feel safer and more relaxed - the current situation in the capital is very difficult due to COVID 19. Here, I can train indoors on the bike and do strengthening workouts, but even so I feel that my performance is going down over time.”

Kaidi Kivioja (EST)
“I had a difficult decision about what to do after Mooloolaba; stay in Australia; go back home to Estonia or go back to Portugal. I decided on Portugal because my coach Paulo and most of my group was or is still there, but the beaches are now closed so we cannot swim in the sea, but there are some opportunities to train outside. And I didn’t want to put my family in unnecessary risk, since in Estonia I’d have to stay in their house. So at the moment I’m committed to being here and it looks like Portugal is doing quite well, especially the Algarve region where I am, so I feel safe here and I can still train. We are training a lot less, but just to maintain some fitness and stay healthy.”

Badr Siwane (MAR)
“The current situation in France is very serious and has got worse. We must stay at home, we can only go 1km outside and for a maximum 1 hour. Otherwise, I train, do muscle building and ride a bike at home and with other athletes on Zwift, and try to take the time to learn English. To be honest, I am very happy that the Games will be postponed to 2021. It will give us more time to be able to progress.

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