Banyoles ITU World Cup Press Conference highlights

by Erin Greene on 15 Jun, 2012 10:22 • Español

With the London Olympic fields taking shape, ITU World Cup racing continues with the fourth stop on the circuit in Banyoles, Spain. Andrea Hewitt (NZL) and Laurent Vidal (FRA), who will head to London in August, were joined by Fernando Alarza (ESP) and Banyoles local Carolina Routier (ESP) to answer questions about their training and race schedules this summer.

Andrea Hewitt
On her preparation for London:
“I qualified last year in London for London this year. I’ve had a year for preparation. This race fits in really well because I live in France, just two hours away from here. It was great just to drive here for the race. Everything is going well. The training is going well. The preparation is all good at the moment, so we’ll see what happens Sunday at this race.

On where she trains:
“I live half the year in New Zealand and half the year in France, at the moment, because the racing season begins in Europe. It’s too far to travel – it’s around 30 hours to travel from New Zealand to Spain. It’s good to be based in France. I train over here from April and I’m back in New Zealand in October.”

Laurent Vidal
On racing in Banyoles:
“It (Banyoles) reminds me a lot of home. We have the same trees, the same air – really dry, really hot. It’s the same kind of hills. It feels just like home. It’s actually really cool when it feels like I could be racing at home. It’s awesome. From what I have seen on the drive, it really looked like where I live in the south of France. My grandmother is Catalan also, so it’s always special for me to race in Spain.”

On the Olympic year:
“The Olympic year is always a little bit special. Only one race matters. There’s not time to try anything out (with your training) in the Olympic year. You need to have the right build up for the Olympics. I’m not a favorite there, but I know I will have a truly amazing day. It’s what I’m training for. The Olympic year is really special. You have to believe in what you are doing.”

Carolina Routier
On racing in her hometown:
“It’s great to race at home so close to the best triathletes in the world. It’s a little strange. I am very comfortable, but at the same time I am nervous, like always before a race. It’s a special position to be in. Right now, I’m in good form. I’m happy and relaxed. I’m going to try to enjoy the atmosphere and, at this moment, there is no pressure.”

On race strategy in the women’s competition:
“I imagine it will be a fast swim because this year there are many good swimmers, like Lucy Hall. I hope that it will only be a small group in front on the bike. For me, I want to race quickly, but this is what I’d like to happen, and we will see how the competition goes.”

Fernando Alarza
On his successful season:
“I knew that I could be at a good level this year, but I didn’t now I could be at this level. I come here to Banyoles very motivated to have a good race. I hope to do well and have a good result.”

On the race course:
“The reality is the course is very simple that doesn’t have many opportunities to break away. There is a narrow section on the bike that might be difficult, but there are no complications on the run course.”

The racing gets underway with the elite women at 9:45am on Sunday 17 June, followed by the men’s race at 12.45pm. Live timing and text updates will be available on, and the full wrap and video highlights will be on after the race.

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17 Jun, 2012 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Gwen Jorgensen USA 01:59:39
2. Erin Densham AUS 01:59:55
3. Ashleigh Gentle AUS 02:00:02
4. Andrea Hansen NZL 02:00:35
5. Lois Rosindale GBR 02:01:10
Results: Elite Men
1. Lukas Verzbicas USA 01:47:28
2. Laurent Vidal FRA 01:47:45
3. Dmitry Polyanskiy AIN 01:48:04
4. Mark Buckingham GBR 01:48:16
5. Adam Bowden GBR 01:48:22
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