Be Green Athletes! - Green Triathlon® in Budapest

by Masa Takaya on 03 Sep, 2010 10:00 • Español

Green Triathlon® initiative rolls out at the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Grand Final Budapest

With a commitment to making the sport of triathlon as green as possible, the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Grand Final will feature several initiatives to minimize the environmental impact. The five-day event, which begins on September 8, will advocate athletes’ responsibility to keep the air and water in which they compete as clean as possible.

The primary focus of the Green Triathlon® programme during next week is to raise awareness and understandings of the interrelation of athletics and environmental protection, while proactively involving competitors, spectators, contributors and local and international media.  Reducing the event’s waste products, ensuring recycling through separate waste collections, and organising a Green Expo are some of the examples.

Several well known Hungarian athletes have been appointed as Green Ambassadors to help the initiative gain awareness among the public.  Zsolt Erdei, a former boxing world champion, Kinga Bóta, an Olympic silver medallist in kayaking, and Gábor Balogh, an Olympic silver medallist in modern pentathlon, planted a commemorative Green Triathlon tree at the Kopaszi-gát Race Center in April.  Hungarian triathlon legend, Péter Kropkó, is also a Green Ambassador.  The Hungarian Olympic Committe’s Irány a zöld! (Let’s head to the green!) programme further encourages Olympians to support Green initiatives.

Staff members of the International Triathlon Union are now taking up the Green Triathlon® initiative with unprecedented enthusiasm, and will be actually participating in the Green Triathlon Team Relay Event, which is scheduled for September 8th.  ITU Executive Board members are also set to organise a team to compete.

ITU Secretary General Loreen Barnett, said:
“Our planet is the competition venue for all our events, so it is our responsibility to keep this venue as clean as possible. I am very passionate about participating in the Green Triathlon with all the ITU staff members to demonstrate how keen ITU is to raise awareness of this global issue.”

Some tips to become Green Athletes:

  • Carpool or take public transit to get to and from events
  • Use reusable bottles instead of throwaway plastic water bottles.
  • Buy apparel made of natural and renewable resource
  • Rethink your purchasing decisions, and wear your existing apparel as long as you can
  • Donate your old shoes to outfits that give shoes to needy people

Some tips to become Green Visitors:

  • Leave no trash behind
  • Use selective waste bins correctly
  • Use and reuse deposit-return cups
  • Visit the Green Expo
  • Participate in green programs throughout the event

Please find more information about the Green Triathlon® initiative from the website.

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Results: Paratriathlon Male TRI-5
1. Yan Guanter FRA 01:07:59
2. JP Theberge USA 01:09:11
3. Ernst Scheiber AUT 01:09:17
4. Martin Falch AUT 01:12:03
5. Andre Szucs BRA 01:13:57
6. Kevin Flint GBR 01:14:45
7. Michael Johnston USA 01:16:25
8. Mikel Garmendia ESP 01:18:36
9. Pedro Basilio POR 01:23:50
10. Darren Smith CAN 01:27:01
Results: Paratriathlon Male TRI-4
1. Péter Boronkay HUN 01:06:09
2. Oliver Dreier AUT 01:06:31
3. Andreas Kübler GER 01:07:42
4. Franck Paget FRA 01:11:11
5. Angelo Borim BRA 01:11:47
6. Rob Noordzij NED 01:14:23
7. Joel Rosinbum USA 01:15:13
8. Tom Perkins GBR 01:15:30
9. Sebastian Cila USA 01:16:44
10. Devon King CAN 01:19:45
Results: Paratriathlon Male TRI-3
1. Cedric Delescluse FRA 01:11:50
2. Craig Vogtsberger USA 01:15:00
3. Sebastian Averesch GER 01:16:44
4. James Smith GBR 01:19:12
5. Oliver Seemann GER 01:25:14
6. Geoffrey Wersy FRA 01:28:23
7. Sven Niebergall GER 01:34:37
8. Paul Thomas GBR 01:46:25
9. Santos Caballero ESP 01:49:43
DNF. Zoltán Bencsura HUN DNF
Results: Paratriathlon Male TRI-2
1. Matt Perkins USA 01:21:56
2. David Peiffer FRA 01:22:37
3. Oswald Kydd RSA 01:24:39
4. Mohamed Lahna ITU 01:24:43
5. Grant Darby CAN 01:33:08
6. Juan Manuel Geny ARG 01:35:34
7. Creighton Wong USA 01:46:30
8. Travis Ricks USA 01:54:48
9. Javier Merida ESP 02:04:34
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