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by ITU Admin on 19 Jul, 2006 12:00

The second part of our Behind the Scenes at ITU takes a look at the Media, and the people at ITU who are responsible for providing the news and information for an international audience.  In many ways, the story of the media at ITU could easily begin just like a commercial for MasterCard:

Airplane ticket to Triathlon World Cup: $999.
Hotel for a night: $89.
Food while youre there: $150. 
Watching Tricast live from home: Priceless.

For the millions of people around the globe who arent able to attend ITU events, there are certain ITU staff members who work long hours to make it seems like youre there.  The ITU media at Triathlon World Cups are the people who can make it seem like youre there to hear and see the action as its happening.  From live commentary, timing and photography updated by-the-minute on Tricast to press releases and ultimately, a Video News Release picked up by broadcasters across the world, the ITU media are there to ensure the event coverage is all-encompassing.
When it all comes together, it is much like a carefully crafted building each piece relies on another, and another, and so on.  Varying from the very basic teamwork to the most complicated website design and video editing, the ITU media are all pushed to work as a comprehensive team and when it comes time to work, the fast-paced race day means there a strict timeline to which they must adhere.
All in all, the ITU media are there to make sure wherever you are, whether it be Bangladesh, Beverly Hills or Barcelona, youre experiencing Triathlon as it happens.

ITU Media Staff:

Brian Mahony Producer, Online Services and New Media
Fergus Murray Associate Producer, Online Services and New Media
Stephen Bordeau Media and Marketing Manager
Morgan Inglis Associate Media and TV Liaison
Arnna Alexander Producer, ITU News
Barrie Shepley Live commentary and Host
Morton Toft Live Results Manager
Frank Wechsel Photographer
Silke Insel Photographer
Delly Carr - Photographer

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