Call for volunteers for 2012 Shelby County ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships

by Merryn Sherwood on 12 Apr, 2012 12:39

The 2012 Shelby County ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships and Xterra Southeast Championship on May 19 and 20 is now seeking volunteers.

Come on over and be part of “the greatest races on dirt” - a fantastic international event weekend with some of the best athletes from all over the world coming to swim, run, and ride mountain bikes in Pelham, Alabama.

XTERRA will host a full day of triathlon racing on Saturday (May 19) as the U.S. takes on the world in the ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships. Various duties include helping to register athletes before the race, prepping food/drinks in the recovery tent, handing out water/other drinks on the course, being a course marshal, or helping out the timers. Saturday hours are from 6am to about 8pm with morning and afternoon shifts available.  Volunteers will get a great looking event t-shirt, food and more.

For more details, please click here.

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16 - 19 May, 2012 • event pageall results
Results: U23 Men
1. Bradley Weiss RSA 02:11:22
2. Tomas Kubek SVK 02:13:50
3. Karsten Madsen CAN 02:14:34
4. Satoki Kori JPN 02:39:51
Results: Junior Women
1. Hannah Finchamp USA 01:00:14
2. Jocelyn Vides USA 01:04:01
3. Charne Prinsloo RSA 01:09:43
4. Marlette Smit RSA 01:12:21
Results: Junior Men
1. Bradley Schuit RSA 00:56:12
2. Nicolas Alvarez Icaza MEX 00:57:19
3. Robbie Deckard USA 00:57:38
4. Caden Ewing USA 00:58:20
5. Hunter Tolbert USA 01:00:37
6. Estian Maree RSA 01:01:27
7. Sam Cockrell USA 01:04:07
8. Logan Marshall USA 01:07:36
Results: Elite Women
1. Lesley Paterson GBR 02:24:39
2. Melanie Mcquaid CAN 02:27:15
3. Carla Van Huyssteen RSA 02:28:34
4. Suzanne Snyder USA 02:29:13
5. Shonny Vanlandingham USA 02:29:15
6. Danelle Kabush CAN 02:33:03
7. Michelle Flipo MEX 02:33:14
8. Shae Vaughan USA 02:33:27
9. Brandi Heisterman CAN 02:33:50
10. Renata Bucher SUI 02:34:56
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