Cassandre Beaugrand back on top at WTCS Hamburg with Super-Sprint World title

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Cassandre Beaugrand back on top at WTCS Hamburg with Super-Sprint World title

It was something of a Super-Sprint masterclass from France’s Cassandre Beaugrand on Saturday afternoon as she produced three peerless stages of WTCS Hamburg finals to win the gold and the format’s first ever women’s World Championship title.

With the fastest swim of anyone on the 30-deep start list for the first stage, Beaugrand was able to make the most of the clear water while behind was a melee of arms and legs through the dark tunnel. Laura Lindemann was never far from Beaugrand’s feet, Zsanett Bragmayer likewise, and soon that trio was joined by Beth Potter and carving through the city streets for the three-lap bike.

By the bell there were 18 athletes together and looking safe, though Lisa Tertsch had to serve a penalty that would cost her a place in the second round after failing to clip into her helmet before heading off on the bike.

Solveig Lovseth, Natalie Van Coevorden and Gwen Jorgensen were among the further nine names unable to progress, while Germany still had five women in the hunt for the medals with Lindemann; Annika Koch, Marlene Gomez-Goggel, Lena Meissner and the lucky last to make it, Anabel Knoll.

Vermeylen crushes run, Linn retires injured

Beaugrand and Lindemann would again dominate the second round from the outset, this time there was transition drama with Katie Zaferes taking a tumble off the bike to end her chances, Sophie Linn injuring her foot in a bike wheel and forced to retire from the race.

Meanwhile Jolien Vermeylen was once more in flying form on the run and able to pick her way into the top 10 at the expense of Jeanne Lehair and Rachel Klamer, Nicole Van Der Kaay and Cathia Schar also through to the final 10 along with Taylor Spivey and Summer Rappaport.

Beaugrand’s final flight

That brought the second day of action and the WTCS Hamburg title for 2023 down to one race between the ten fastest women, and it was Lindemann firing up the crowds with a strong swim, the pack failing to break up and all ten pouring into transition together.

Cathia Schar was first to drop off the back but soon back in business and would be first out of T2 with Beth Potter, only for Beaugrand to go through the gears and find her flow one final time, opening an advantage and then pulling away so that by the bell there was little doubt she was on the way to another glittering Hamburg gold.

Beth Potter hung tough in second to ensure silver was hers, Lindemann making a popular podium for the home crowds who could then cheer Annika Koch and Marlene Gomez-Goggel across the line for the duo’s career-best finishes.

“I think I wanted it so much, Ive been training so hard for this and just really wanted this one,” said a thrilled Cassandre Beaugrand. “Today my transitions saved me a bit, I’m really happy with that. The 1500m is my strength, I’m very comfortable with it and that distance suited me.”

“Cassandre was always going to be hard to beat,” said Beth Potter. “I’m proud of how I stuck it out and got through the race. I enjoy the format, and enjoy that kind of racing, it was good fun. I got lucky today in the water and was back where I feel like I belong and didn’t have any trouble in the swim today.”

“It’s amazing to race here in Hamburg on home soil and I had so much fun,” said Laura Lindemann. “My plan was to stay out front but I was very tired going into that final race, the crowd was amazing though, it was awesome.”

The full results can be found here.

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