China and Japan qualify for 2013 ITU Triathlon Mixed Relay World Championships

by Erin Greene on 03 May, 2013 09:23 • Español

The race for a chance to compete at the 2013 ITU Triathlon Mixed Relay World Championships heated up as China and Japan recently became the latest teams to qualify for the event with their top finishes at the ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships in Subic Bay.

“Mixed Relay is an incredibly exciting event that athletes and spectators both rally around,” said ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado. “Its dynamic nature and unpredictable lead changes combined with the team camaraderie make the electric race entertaining to watch both in person and on TV.”

The berth is the first for China, while Japan garnered its third trip to the championship event, which follows a woman-man-woman-man super sprint format that sees each athlete swim, bike, and run.

The top two teams from each Continental Championships automatically earn their National Federations a spot at the World Championships, which will be held on 21 July in Hamburg, Germany alongside the World Triathlon Series race.

In addition to qualifying at the continental races, the fastest six teams at the 2012 World Championships already qualified for slots in this year’s race. In addition, the host country is granted one spot, while another three teams will be extended invitations for the mixed gender relay race championships.

New Zealand and Australia earlier this year ensured their appearances in Hamburg with first and second place finishes, respectively, at the Mixed Relay Oceania Championships in Kinloch. Great Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy each qualified last year as the top teams from the 2012 World Championships. Additional teams selected from continental races in Europe, Africa and the Americas have yet to be contested.

“It’s a very exciting event to take part of,” Olympic bronze medallist Jonathan Brownlee said after assisting his team to a second World Championship title last year. “It would be great if we could get into the Olympics as well. It is very exciting, it changes so much throughout the whole race and it’s good to watch.”

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27 - 29 Apr, 2013 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Yuichi Hosoda JPN 02:01:32
2. Zhihang Jiang CHN 02:01:38
3. Ryosuke Yamamoto JPN 02:01:52
4. Faquan Bai CHN 02:03:00
5. Yiming Zhang CHN 02:03:01
Results: Elite Women
1. Mariko Adachi JPN 02:14:17
2. Yuka Sato JPN 02:16:38
3. Dan Fan CHN 02:17:42
4. Mengying Zhong CHN 02:18:01
5. Yi Zhang CHN 02:18:59
Results: Junior Men
1. Zhengyu Duan CHN 00:53:04
2. Perry Wong HKG 00:53:47
3. Zheng Xu CHN 00:54:15
4. Shiruba Taniguchi JPN 00:54:21
5. Takanori Sugihara JPN 00:55:01
Results: Junior Women
1. Fumika Matsumoto JPN 01:01:15
2. Yuting Huang CHN 01:01:23
3. Lianyuan Wang CHN 01:01:31
4. Sumire Ohara JPN 01:02:06
5. Yan Yin Hilda Choi HKG 01:02:19
Results: Paratriathlon Male TRI-2
1. Andy Avellana PHI 01:40:43
2. Arnel Aba PHI 01:41:01
Results: Paratriathlon Male TRI-4
1. Mohd Sabki Bin Arifin MAS 01:13:25
2. Sixto Ducay PHI 01:13:45
Results: Paratriathlon Male TRI-5
1. Jun Ha Lee KOR 01:21:34
Results: U23 Men
1. Kohei Tsubaki JPN 02:00:39
2. Maxim Leshina KAZ 02:02:55
3. Chon Yen Lee TPE 02:04:16
4. Leong Tim Law HKG 02:05:18
5. Tatsuki Endo JPN 02:05:27
Results: U23 Women
1. Karin Chibana JPN 02:24:26
2. Karolina Solovyova KAZ 02:24:40
3. Kei Fukuda JPN 02:25:29
4. Nao Yamamoto JPN 02:31:51
5. Marion Kim Mangrobang PHI 02:33:27
Results: Mixed Relay
1. Team II China CHN 01:31:23
2. Team I Japan JPN 01:32:41
3. Team I Hong Kong, China HKG 01:33:42
4. Team I Kazakhstan KAZ 01:36:35
5. Team I South Korea KOR 01:41:43
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