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by ITU Admin on 05 May, 2006 12:00

Count down to the 1st ITU Triathlon European Premium Cup Edition, taking place in Sanremo on the next 21st May. It will be organizes by Riviera Triathlon 1992 and his head Daniele Moraglia, in co - operation with FITRI and ITU.

The event will take place in Sanremo, becoming the Triathlon European capital during the weekend.

The swimming standing - start (1,5 km) will be at “Bagni Toni and Mirasole” and it will develop in the sea in front of Piazzale Carlo Dapporto, Italo Calvino seaside till Bagni Oasis.
Cycling will be 14,5 km race-track in the city for 3 times (43,5 km total).
It will be very exciting because of the famous Poggio climb, celebrated in the classical Milano-Sanremo.
The last running will develop along Italo Calvino seaside and Promenade Imperatrice in the ex railway, totally flat (4 times 2,5 km laps).
A lot of athletes are expected to be here: 15 national teams like New Zeland, China, Croazia, Austria, Switzerland, Great Bretain, Israel, Italy and Spain are in Sanremo.

For the first time all the international triathletes will go along the most famous cycling climb in Italy, the POGGIO ascent, a part of the classical cycling race Milano - Sanremo, the longest and hardest one day cycling race. This “Classicissima di Primavera” had the first time in 1907 and it was won by Lucine Petit Breton. Since 1907 Milano - Sanremo has been racing 97 times, with the same course, but the final part. In 1960 Poggio was added and then in 1982 Cipressa climb was added too. 34 italians and 33 foreign champions won this classical race: Girardengo (6 victories), Merckx (7 victories).

All the triathletes will cycle remembering Gino Bartali (4 victories) and Fausto Coppi (3 victories). We all remeber the famous photo where they are passing a water bottle (tour de france 1952) and we hope that triathletes will run with the same solidarity and fairness spirit.

A lot of Age Group athletes will be spectator at the ITU Premium Cup and even a lot of persons who will look at the great event.

The organisation thanks all the international teams and it assures a great sporting party and organisation.

A great thank goes to Comune di Sanremo and Polizia Municipale, who let the car traffic closeduring cycling and running from 11 to 15.


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21 May, 2006 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Ivan Raña Fuentes ESP 02:02:23
2. Andrea D'Aquino ITA 02:02:48
3. Peter Croes BEL 02:03:12
4. Daniel Fontana ITA 02:03:26
5. Didier Brocard SUI 02:03:40
6. Emilio D'Aquino ITA 02:03:49
7. Alessandro De Gasperi ITA 02:04:00
8. Giuseppe Ferraro ITA 02:04:05
9. Daniele Fiorentini ITA 02:04:13
10. Charles Rusterholz SUI 02:04:24
Results: Elite Women
1. Magali Di Marco SUI 02:15:26
2. Ana Burgos Acuña ESP 02:15:54
3. Lenka Zemanova CZE 02:16:32
4. Julie Dibens GBR 02:17:07
5. Charlotte Bonin ITA 02:17:49
6. Sibylle Matter SUI 02:18:11
7. Vanessa Raw GBR 02:18:15
8. Giunia Chenevier ITA 02:18:37
9. Lisa Hütthaler AUT 02:19:01
10. Daniela Chmet ITA 02:19:46
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