Deadline for European Cross Triathlon Champs

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Just two months to go for the sportive event at Ibiza.

Ibiza, 23rd February 2007.-

Tuesday, the 10th of April will be the deadline to sign in for the European Triathlon Cross, which will take place in Ibiza on the 28th of April. With just two months to go, registrations go at a nice page using the official website (

These games will be organized by ETU (European Triathlon Union), FETRI (Spanish Triathlon Association) and Homedeferro and they will have a budget of 8000 euros for awards.

Those triathletes from the Age Groups or elite wishing to sign in or getting more information should contact National Federations or Home de Ferro ( Telephone number 00 34 971319023, Margarita Planells).

The official hotel for the event is :

Hotel Club Cala Blanca
Playa d’Es Figueral
San Carlos (Santa Eulària des Riu)
Phone number: 971 332551




The first 200 participants registered will have a free night at the above mentioned hotel. The booking will be carried out directly by the sportsmen, following instructions from There will be special fares at Club Cala Blanca’s hotel and special discounts on trips.
The hosts will provide participants with free transport from the airport or port to the hotel and return, if we are informed in advance, and also with transfers from the hotel to competition areas and return of sportsmen and bicycles.

Athletes will have to swim one kilometre, ride 20 kms. On a mountain bike and run 6 kms. Around Cala Boix, which is located on the northeastern part of the island.

The swimming course will consist of two turns around Cala Boix’s beach. Later on, and after a first transition, bikers will have to complete two rounds of a 10 kms each with two steep parts.

Finally, participants will have to run two rounds along local paths.

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28 Apr, 2007 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Eneko Llanos Burguera ESP 01:23:03
2. Hektor Llanos Burguera ESP 01:23:04
3. Ruben Bravo Zuñiga ESP 01:25:13
4. Benito De Torres Zarzalejo ESP 01:25:20
5. Massimo Cigana ITA 01:25:29
Results: Elite Women
1. Carina Wasle AUT 01:34:12
2. Sibylle Matter Bruegger SUI 01:35:51
3. Ingrid Van Lubek NED 01:37:30
4. Riikka Vreeswijk-Kelja FIN 01:39:19
DNF. Candy Angle USA DNF
Results: 20-24 Male AG
1. Xavier Torrades ESP 01:35:24
2. David Leggett ESP 01:38:42
3. Víctor Rullán ESP 01:43:24
4. Pere Reines ESP 01:47:45
5. Imanol Echarri ESP 01:48:34
Results: 25-29 Male AG
1. Antonio Del Pino ESP 01:30:04
2. Francesc Juárez Rosello ESP 01:30:54
3. Bernat Moragas Roca ESP 01:32:44
4. Carlos Antones ESP 01:35:02
DNF. Carlos Tur ESP DNF
Results: 30-34 Male AG
1. Santiago Pellejero Garcia ESP 01:30:16
2. Manel Casoni Rero ESP 01:31:46
3. Asier López ESP 01:33:12
4. Jaime Menendez De Luarca Zumalacarregui ESP 01:34:00
5. Raúl Gómez ESP 01:34:34
Results: 35-39 Male AG
1. José Vicente Lucas ESP 01:43:26
2. Guillermo Vadell ESP 01:54:56
3. Antonio Obrador ESP 01:56:24
4. Carles Sabater ESP 02:01:02
5. Jordi Perez Capdevila ESP 02:01:56
Results: 40-44 Male AG
1. Fernando Garcia Aja ESP 01:29:45
2. Johan Neevel NED 01:32:46
3. Antonio Alix ESP 01:34:40
4. Miquel Comella ESP 01:40:45
5. Thierry Gautheron ESP 01:51:46
Results: 45-49 Male AG
1. Carlos Ibáñez ESP 01:36:52
2. Ivo Grabmuller CZE 01:39:00
3. Michael Schädler LIE 01:42:49
4. Jaume Vicens Monserrat ESP 01:47:03
5. Philip E.c. Schadler LIE 01:57:32
Results: 50-54 Male AG
1. Rob Barel NED 01:26:36
2. Ron Hendriks NED 01:42:55
3. Pedro Cueli Ruiz ESP 01:50:37
4. Enrique Bravo ESP 01:52:44
5. Ramón Bernaldo ESP 02:13:39
Results: 60-64 Male AG
1. Leo Meewisse NED 01:51:14
2. Alberto Murillo ESP 02:11:04
3. Vicente Cañizares ESP 02:57:45
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