Development, Education & NF Services: April news recap

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Development, Education & NF Services: April news recap

As the racing towards Paris 2024 heats up, April saw another busy month in Development, Education and NF Services in which:

124 National Federations confirmed their Good Standing status with World Triathlon on time, a testament to each Federation’s commitment to the fulfilment of its membership obligations.

World Triathlon NF services dedicated the latest Open Hours session to the 35th Anniversary of the World Triathlon (formerly International Triathlon Union).  The celebration shared messages and historic photos charting the sport’s success and growth since Avignon 1989.

Triathlon has always maintained equality for women, and in a continued show of this, the Body Confident Course rollout continued through April. With the support of Triathlon Nations - Italy, Great Britain and Mexico the Laureaus program will remain available for two years.  It is expected to improve the awareness of female body image, reduce the negativity of young women toward their bodies, and improve self-confidence and self-talk.

In athlete news, ten years ago, Erica Hawley (BER), Maria Carolina Velasquez Soto (COL) and Tyler Smith (BER) raced in China, competing together at their very first major event at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. This month, all three lined up in the Chengdu World Cup (CHN) as Team World Triathlon teammates with the goal of achieving their Olympic potential for Paris 2024.

Athlete development saw a boost from Europe Triathlon as they hosted the second development camp of the year from 2 to 9 April in Murcia, Spain.  Africa Triathlon also offered youth and junior athletes a post-event camp following the 2024 Africa Triathlon Championships Hurghada held in Egypt. 

Anti-doping education has been mandated for all athletes since 1 January 2024 to ensure the integrity of our sport.  April saw this taken up by all athletes entering the sport.

Coach Education, Coach Revalidation and Technical Official courses were also rolled out throughout April, making it yet another busy month of Development and Education for World Triathlon. 

In exciting news from Kyrgyzstan, the country’s first Triathlon Centre was opened in Bishkek - heralding the dawn of a new era of Triathlon development and growth in the region…

Details of all these stories follow…

NF Open Hours: 35 Years Together

For the full article recapping April’s World Triathlon National Federation Open Hours looking back over 35 years of triathlon, click here.

Please visit the links below for the recordings of the sessions and the presentations.
April 17-18, 2024 | 35 Years of ITU-TRI
17 April Presentation
Webinar Recording (17 April session, English)
Webinar Recording (17 April session, French)
18 April Presentation
Webinar Recording (18 April session, English)

The next NF Open Hours will be held on 18-19 June. Don’t miss it!
Visit NFs Open Hours • World Triathlon or contact us at

Body Confident Sport Roll-out

Triathlon welcomes participants of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Our coaches can empower athletes to develop a more compassionate and accepting attitude toward themselves by promoting positive self-talk, reframing negative thoughts, and focusing on their efforts, progress, and achievements rather than solely on their appearance or physical attributes. World Triathlon works closely with three national federations (Italy, Great Britain, and Mexico) to roll out the Body Confident Sport programme for coaches and athletes in the next two years, thanks to the Laureus Sport for Good grant.

For the full article, please click here:
World Triathlon joins Laureus for Body Confident Sport campaign • World Triathlon

Athlete Development

Team World Triathlon - Chengdu WC

The 2024 Chengdu World Cup was the first official event of the year for Team World Triathlon, the development squad for athletes from smaller national federations to help them realise their Olympic potential.

For the full article, please click here:
Smith and Michalickova lead the way for Team World Triathlon in Chengdu • World Triathlon

Nanjing 2014 & Chengdu 2024: Not only ten years between

Erica Hawley (BER), Maria Carolina Velasquez Soto (COL), and Tyler Smith (BER) were young athletes competing together at their very first major event at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. Ten years later, they were part of the same team, Team World Triathlon, in the same country, China, to chase their Olympic Dream for Paris 2024 and beyond. Athlete Development is a long process that takes time and requires careful planning and progression across different physical, mental, and emotional growth stages.

Murcia hosted a new combined initiative for athletes & coaches

Europe Triathlon hosted the second development camp of the year from 2 to 9 April in Murcia, Spain. Making the most of Easter in the Spring break, the next generation of European triathletes moved to the south to benefit from nicer weather allowing them to train outside with winter behind them. Thirty-eight participants from Bulgaria, Finland, Malta, Moldova, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey benefitted from the 2024 Murcia Europe Triathlon - World Triathlon Skill Development Camp led by Vicent Beltran (ESP) and Thomas Steurbaut (BEL). During the camp, a bunch of coaches from Turkey attended a unique mentoring programme requested by the National Federation to receive practical implications. The coaches group was managed by Hector Arevalochico (ESP).

“It was the first time the World Triathlon ran two parallel projects. The skill development camp and the Turkish Coach Mentorship Program. To masimise ” - Vicent Beltran (ESP) - TRI Headcoach.

“The combination of two projects (mentorship Turkey and the skill development camp) made this a challenging course to give. Thanks to the great mindset of the coaches and athletes, this was an excellent camp. How the athletes improved in such a short amount of time is impressive! Great job by them all!” - Thomas Steurbaut (BEL) - TRI Headcoach.

The young generation of athletes met in Hurghada

Africa Triathlon hosted youth and junior athletes for a post-event camp following the 2024 Africa Triathlon Championships Hurghada (Egypt). Pam Fulton (ZIM), World Triathlon head coach, conducted this camp from 21 to 27 April at the famous holiday venue of the Red Sea. Fourteen athletes and three coaches from Libya, Algeria, and Egypt attended. “This was the first of our camps whereby the emphasis is on criteria based on rankings or at least proven participation in continental cup/championship events.”  - Rick Fulton (ZIM) - Africa Triathlon Continental Coordinator.

“All the camp participants were so keen to learn from each session so they could improve in their triathlon career. The language barrier did not deter anyone from participating in each session and gaining as much knowledge as possible. The dynamics within the group were incredible, with everyone always supporting and helping each other. We all had fun whilst training and learning, and made new friends, and I came away from this camp feeling very positive and grateful to have been given this opportunity to touch each athlete and coach’s life positively.” - Pamela Fulton (ZIM), TRI head coach.

“On behalf of the Libyan Triathlon group (Mohamed, Omar, and Coach Anwar). I am glad to give a special thanks to African Triathlon and World Triathlon for this fantastic opportunity. Providing the training camp with such an experienced lead coach (Pam Fulton) to teach the young athletes and coaches with so many techniques to improve themselves in the sport of Triathlon. The training camp was planned very well and was fun. The first day was gathering information about each other and seeing the athletes’ and their coaches’ purpose and goals. That was a great start, everyone had a chance to talk about themselves and showed their strategies to get better at the sport of Triathlon. The schedules were planned ahead so everyone knew what they would be doing the next day by the hour. Personally, I was very impressed and pleased because everyone had fun while they were training. The young athletes got along so well, and they helped each other with their weaknesses.” - Libyan Triathlon Federation.

Anti-doping education

From 1 January 2024, a new rule was introduced in the World Triathlon Anti-Doping Rules: “Athletes and Para Triathletes must complete the Anti-Doping Education Course to be admitted to the waiting list and/or compete in all Word Triathlon and Continental Confederations competitions from all multisport, programs, and categories with the only exception of Age Groups.”

The procedures that athletes must follow are detailed here. Athletes under 16 can only enrol in their relevant course once they provide parental consent. The parental consent form is now fully digital; no scanning and emailing is required anymore.

Participation in Development Camps

Similar to the enrolment in any course, athletes under 16 must also provide signed parental consent for any Development Camp participation. Other than complying with GDPR, this is also important with respect to:
+ Arriving at the camp with proper and safe gear,
+ Having adequate travel and health insurance coverage.
+ The Development Camp parental consent form is also fully digital from now on.

Coach Education

Olympic Solidarity Grant to level up coaches in Uruguay

Latin America’s National Federation, Uruguay, hosted the first IOC Olympic Solidarity granted initiative in 2024. Twelve coach candidates (8 men and 4 women) attended the 2024 Montevideo OS - World Triathlon Coaches Level 1 Course from 15 to 19 April in the capital city. After intense online learning, Claudai Beristain from Mexico and Rodrigo Milazzo from Brazil guided the candidates for their first coaching education journey with World Triathlon.

“The group was very good, showing a high standard of knowledge and involvement with triathlon. Therefore, they were keen and participative in all practical sessions and classroom discussions with fellow participants and facilitators.”
- Rodrigo Milazzo (BRA) - TRI Coach Facilitator.

“It was an intense week of learning - I congratulate everyone for their commitment. The teachers came to our country to give their all and didn’t hold anything back. It was a pleasure to meet and share with professionals like that. Everything we learned during the week doesn’t end here!”  - Marcelo Caraballo (URU) - Level 1 coach candidate.

“The course represents an excellent opportunity for coaches in Uruguay, providing a benchmark towards triathlon development in the country, with a glimpse for future outcomes” - Paul Medina (URU) - Level 1 coach candidate.

The 2024 CRoC Final Stats & Results

The final participation results of this year’s Certificate Revalidation of Coaches (CRoC) are the following:
+ 833 individuals completed their annual tasks and took part in the Body Confident Coaching Course at the same time,
+ This represents slightly more than 51% of all certified coaches (including expired certificates) since 2014,
+ The relative participation of Level 2 Certified Coaches is nearly double compared to their Level 1 Certified peers (81% vs 42%),
+ Graduates of Olympic Solidarity courses are slightly behind in participation compared to coaches certified in other courses, which requires specific attention in the future from their National Federations,

The continental completion ratios (among coaches holding valid certificates) are as follows:
Africa Triathlon: 82%
Americas Triathlon: 67%
Asia Triathlon: 89%
Europe Triathlon: 80%
Oceania Triathlon: 77%

After joining World Triathlon’s Coach Education Partnership Programme (CEPP) in 2023, an additional 36 coaches from Triathlon Brasil have successfully completed the 2024 revalidation tasks.

Coaches who went through the process, which included anti-doping updates as usual, become automatically eligible for event accreditations throughout 2024. They are not required to complete any additional courses.

For those coaches who miss completion in any year(s) during their 4-year certificate validity period, the Revalidation of Expired Certifications course has been continuously available since 2023. This is a fully automated, pay-based e-learning revalidation opportunity.

Technical Officials Education

Italian Triathlon Federation becomes an ATOEP nation

The Italian Triathlon Federation (FITRI) joins the elite club of eighteen nations with the Accredited Technical Officials Education Programme (ATOEP) of World Triathlon in 2024. After intensive and detailed mutual work between the NF and TRI led by Thanos Nikopoulos, head of operations, FITRI’s national education is now recognised by TRI. The accreditation enables the NF to train Level 1 Technical Officials within their national system. Congratulations to Italy on completing the process and being awarded.
More details about the Accredited Technical Officials Education Programme (ATOEP) can be found here:
TO Education Programme (ATOEP) | Development • World Triathlon.

In the meantime, the Japan Triathlon Union (JTU) - already accredited NF with TO education - organised the 2024 Tokyo Japan Triathlon Union - World Triathlon Technical Officials Level 1 Seminar (ATOEP) in early April to train a significant number of officials for the upcoming national, continental and world events.

Japan continues hosting TO Education initiatives

The Japan Triathlon Union (JTU) is always open to supporting and hosting technical officials’ education linked to the Asia Triathlon Championships, which has been approved on many occasions in the past. Between 22 and 24 April, just right after the 2024 Asia Triathlon Championships, JTU organised the 2024 Hatsukaichi World Triathlon Technical Officials & Event Organisers Level 2 Seminar, providing excellent facilities for learning, sharing and networking. Combining continental championships with the Technical Officials Level 2 Seminar is a sustainable combination of development projects and events. Rebecca Mok (HGK) and Adele Cheah (MAS) led the new generation of TOs on their first journey at Level 2.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to attend the Level 2 TO Seminar. It has provided me with a better understanding of decision-making, problem-solving, building rapport, ensuring safety and fair play, venue and FOP planning, leading and delegating tasks, and updated with the recent rule updates. Through attending this course, I am more confident and ready to take on the role of a TD in major events. I want to thank Japan Triathlon Union, Asia Triathlon, and World Triathlon for their dedication to the sport’s development, our Qatar Triathlon Federation for their support, and Ms. Adele and Ms. Rebecca for facilitating this course. I have learned a lot and am excited to use the lessons I learned when I return to Qatar.” - John Bonalos (QAT), Level 2 TO Candidate

“This is my first time being the World Triathlon Level 2 Technical Official Seminar facilitator. Each participant learned hard and took the initiative to ask many questions during the seminar. I hope to use my knowledge and experience to provide our Asia Technical Officials with further learning and growth in sports in all areas of the world. Thank you for Asia and World Triathlon opportunities and trust.” - Rebecca Mok (HKG), TRI TO Facilitator.

Bolivia boosts the number of certified TOs

Bolivia took advantage of hosting back-to-back of the 2024 World Triathlon Development Regional Cup Cochabamba and the   2024 Sucre World Triathlon Technical Officials Level 1 Seminar in April. Carlos Eduardo Fernandez (BRA), TRI TO facilitator, conducted the course.

“A great team that we hope will continue working together to enhance triathlon in Bolivia.” - Bolivian NF Representative.

Venezuela looks after TO Education

The National Federation of Venezuela enhanced TO Education before staging the 2024 Americas Triathlon Cup and South Americas Triathlon Championships La Guaira. The 2024 Caracas World Triathlon Technical Officials Level 1 Seminar trained nineteen new officials to serve events with safe and fair delivery in the country and beyond. The course was delivered on 22-23 April by Roberto Menescal (BRA), TRI TO facilitator.

“All participants were motivated and eager to engage during the practical sessions.” - Roberto Menescal (BRA) - TRI TO Facilitator.

TO Revalidation E-learning is underway

While face-to-face technical officials education courses are running worldwide to recruit the next generation of officials, already certified TOs started their revalidation process in April for both levels (L1 and L2) in Spanish and English. The online revalidation courses are running for four months.

The Level 1 Revalidation will prepare technical officials who are in the first few years of their international triathlon officiating experience. In contrast, the Level 2 Revalidation is designed to enhance the skills of the participants in event management as Technical Delegates at a higher level of competitions (Continental Cups, Continental Championships, Multisport Continental Championships, Multisport Series events and Para triathlon events). This gained knowledge will also be applied at World Triathlon Series events, World Cups and Major Events, where the participants can officiate as technical officials.

National Federation News

Kyrgyzstan inaugurates the first Triathlon Center in Bishkek

The Kyrgyz Republic Triathlon Federation proudly opens its first Triathlon Center in Bishkek on 30 April. The facility will welcome national and international triathletes and Para triathletes in the future. World Triathlon congratulates the NF on their exceptional achievements and investments in the future. The new chapter of triathlon history in Kyrgyzstan has just begun.

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