Dr. Sergio Migliorini publishes "Triathlon Medicine"

by Olalla Cernuda on 27 Nov, 2019 04:26 • EspaƱol
Dr. Sergio Migliorini publishes

The Chair of the ITU Medical and Anti-doping Committee, Dr. Sergio Migliorini (ITA), has published the book “Triathlon Medicine”, a clinical guide to all the medical issues related to triathlon. It addresses the topics of cardiovascular adaptations, overuse injuries, overtraining syndrome, gastrointestinal diseases, nutrition associated with the discipline.

Dr Sergio Migliorni’s comprehensive book is an indispensable reference that reaches right across our sport and into all aspects of this highly technical and physically demanding world. Sergio’s knowledge of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine is second to none. It is what prompted ITU to choose him as the Medical Delegate for three successive Olympic Games, chair the ITU Medical and Anti-Doping Committee and is what makes him such an authority in an endurance sport that will always test the athletes’ bodies to their limits.

Working closely with Dr Migliorini, the IOC and our National Federations around the world, ITU will always strive to uphold the Olympic values of fair play and equality as it expands into new regions, and it is thanks to the dedication of the experts who have contributed to this book, and the triathlon family as a whole, that we have been able to do so.

Today, the Olympic world is moving forward ever faster, innovating, reinventing and reaching larger audiences than ever before and bringing new generations to discover the sense of achievement, sportsmanship and belonging to a global movement in the way that only sport can. ITU is proud to be one of the driving forces behind that momentum, but is acutely aware of its responsibility towards athletes to keep them safe and healthy and understand the demands of our sport. 

For the athletes, coaches, National Federations, Technical Officials and all those who take their tri life seriously, Triathlon Medicine offers precious insights from specialists in every field, with advice on injury prevention and recuperation, nutrition strategies, race-day best practice and much more from those who know the sport inside out.

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