Duathlon Takes to Speedway

by Peter Holmes on 23 Sep, 2009 05:05

With the ITU Duathlon World Championships being held at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in North Carolina, the two sports of duathlon and motor racing will come together on the oval banked track as the elite competitors slipstream each other as if battling in the Indy 500 or NASCAR Series.

The smooth paved 1.5 mile loop provides an unique technical aspect to the bike course which is unparalleled to any previous world championship venue. In addition the speedway’s infield features a smooth twisty road that is incorporated into both the bike and run sections of the event. With transition taking place in the pitlane it’s as if duathlon has its own Grand Prix, although competitors will be hoping they don’t need the assistance of a pit crew to help them!

The weekend will feature more than 750 age group competitors and 150 elites racing on a 10k run, 40k bike, 5k run course in and around Lowe’s Motor Speedway as the USA hosts the ITU Duathlon World Championships for the sixth time in its history. With home hopes resting on the shoulders of Hamburg Dextro Energy Triathlon - ITU World Championship Series winner Jarrod Shoemaker, the athlete from Concord, Massachusetts will be relying on the support of people from the town with the same name come Saturday afternoon to propel him onto the top step of the podium.

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26 Sep, 2009 • event pageall results
Results: U23 Women
1. Evgenia Sukhoruchenkova RUS 02:09:04
2. Kinga Lauf HUN 02:23:21
Results: U23 Men
1. Alessandro Fabian ITA 01:49:50
2. Antoine Duvivier BEL 01:50:03
3. Tiago Silva POR 01:50:07
4. Bojan Cebin SLO 01:50:08
5. Derek Oskutis USA 01:50:42
Results: Junior Women
1. Sophie Coleman GBR 01:04:30
2. Vicky Graves GBR 01:04:42
3. Marjon Van Der Wansem NED 01:04:49
4. Adriana Barraza MEX 01:05:08
5. Jessica Cecilia Berrones MEX 01:07:32
Results: Junior Men
1. Lukas Verzbicas USA 00:55:29
2. Mario Mola ESP 00:55:38
3. Carlos Chavez MEX 00:55:59
4. Vid Pucelj SLO 00:56:03
5. Nathan Coombes NZL 00:56:04
Results: Elite Women
1. Vendula Frintova CZE 02:08:17
2. Sandra Levenez FRA 02:08:22
3. Ana Burgos Acuña ESP 02:08:30
4. Ruth Van Der Meijden NED 02:08:40
5. Anne Haug GER 02:08:47
Results: Elite Men
1. Jarrod Shoemaker USA 01:49:01
2. Damien Derobert FRA 01:49:03
3. Jurgen Dereere BEL 01:49:09
4. Sergio Silva POR 01:49:26
5. Victor Manuel Del Corral Morales ESP 01:49:28
Results: 80-84 Male AG
1. Edwin Bixenstine USA 03:03:17
2. Edward Maruna USA 03:32:26
Results: 75-79 Male AG
1. Roger Brockenbrough USA 02:39:19
2. Arnott Kidd GBR 02:39:46
3. Robert Chapman AUS 02:42:06
4. Gene White USA 02:55:35
5. Robert Wild CAN 03:04:13
Results: 70-74 Male AG
1. John Wood NZL 02:21:23
2. Donald Ardell USA 02:24:28
3. Charles Towse USA 02:26:58
4. John Elliott USA 02:30:12
5. James Girand USA 02:34:14
Results: 70-74 Female AG
1. Frieda Metz GER 02:41:45
2. Sharon Roggenbuck USA 03:10:26
3. Pat Fossum USA 03:22:13
4. Gabriele Pelz GER 03:41:32
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