Egirdir Is Ready For Triathlon

by World Triathlon Admin on 19 Jul, 2008 12:00

Egirdir/Turkey is ready for 2008 triathlon race.

Egirdir is a nice city that is partly built along the shore of the lake that carries its name.t is relaxing to stay here and you can enjoy the climbing mountains at back side.

One of the most beautiful ecological wievs, blue flag, sweet water lake, friendly and hospital public and nice authentic food is only some of the interests that Egirdir can offer to you…

Egirdir has 6 years Turkish Triathlon Championship and recently, with last years good international experience, Egirdir is ready to offer better conditions to his guests.

The mayor of Egirdir Mr.Omer SENGOL is very happy of the atheletes interest.

This race will be a good change before the 2008 Olympics because of the similar conditions.
This year we offer free acommodition and transport.
The price money is 20.000 Euros and it is a good pay for an European Cup.

We have both Elite and Junior catagory.You can enjoy in both catagories with your atheletes.

We are wellcome to all of you here in Egirdir and contact LOC

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03 Aug, 2008 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Danylo Sapunov UKR 01:49:49
2. Yulian Malyshev RUS 01:50:38
3. Csaba Kuttor HUN 01:51:16
4. Ivan Tutukin KAZ 01:51:34
5. David Hauss FRA 01:53:01
Results: Elite Women
1. Radka Vodickova CZE 02:03:25
2. Carolyn Murray CAN 02:05:35
3. Yuliya Yelistratova UKR 02:06:05
4. Deniz Dimaki GRE 02:06:35
5. Samantha Herridge GBR 02:06:48
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