February Development and Education Review

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February Development and Education Review


Team World Triathlon
World Triathlon’s Elite athlete development program designed for developing athletes is aiming to support various pathways of Olympic Qualification. Since its inception in 2006, of the programme has given support some of the great legends of the sport (Flora Duffy, Lisa Norden, Barbara Riveros) and more to come. With the goal set on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, World Triathlon proudly announces that applications for the 2023 Team World Triathlon are now open and we are ready to welcome new members of the team.

2023_Team Development

Full Article: Applications open for the 2023 Team World Triathlon • World Triathlon
More details: Team World Triathlon | Development • World Triathlon
Applications: https://forms.gle/rerTZ2WJLEq1uZJG6

Development Camp Curriculums Released

FEB DEV news

World Triathlon Development has developed various types of development camps fulfilling the needs of the athletes and coaches in developing environments based on previous experiences, current academic knowledge and studies. The camp curriculum documents currently for four types of development camps have been published on triathlon.org:

World Triathlon Athlete Development Camp Curriculum
World Triathlon Skill Development Camp Curriculum
World Triathlon Pre-Event Development Camp Curriculum
World Triathlon Post-Event Development Camp Curriculum

World Triathlon will pilot these camps during 2023 through the continental development camps worldwide.


Seven National Federations revalidated ACEP accreditation, while Turkey joined ACEP in 2023.

Accredited Coach Education Programme (ACEP) is World Triathlon Development’s program launched in 2017 for accrediting the Coach Education Program of National Federations, in effect giving them a badge of approval. The key being to recognize mature and well run coach education programmes and giving credit for the work done.

As the initial accreditation cycles came to an end for the first NFs who joined the initiative, it was time to review their statuses. World Triathlon Development reached out in Q2 of 2022 and assisted in conducting a similar assessment process that took place when joining the project. The Quality in Coaching (QIC) assessment protocol, which is based on a self-assessment by the NF and a World Triathlon review with feedback has been developed in a partnership between the ICCE (International Council for Coaching Excellence) and World Triathlon. The following National Federations have successfully re-accredited their coach education programmes for additional 5 years:
Belgian Triathlon
Federación Española de Triatlón
Fédération Française de Triathlon
British Triathlon
Triathlon Ireland
Federatión Mexicana de Triatlón
USA Triathlon

Türkiye Triathlon Federation also joined the ACEP for a provisional 2 years as ongoing structural changes are due to roll out by the end of 2024 when the programme will be fully reviewed again.

Triathlon Brasil joins CEPP

At the end of months of preparations, the Brazilian Triathlon Federation - Triathlon Brasil joined CEPP. From now on the World Triathlon Education & Knowledge HUB will host all the e-learning parts of their Level 1 courses with related administration. This section has been customized according the needs of the NF.

Triathlon Brasil joins CEPP

The Coach Education Partnership Programme (CEPP) is an opportunity to National Federations to run their National Coach Education with the usage of the World Triathlon Education & Knowledge Hub if they do not have full capacity and/or capability to run their own Coach Education. The aim is to provide the support and guidance to be able to run coach education initiatives in their own country to help develop the sport. The cooperation can be tailor-made to match the exact needs of every NF who is interested:
The simplest approach would be where an NF requests World Triathlon courses to be run in their own country, utilising World Triathlon Coach Facilitators, but the NF will cover all the costs for running the course.
At the other end of the spectrum, the NF will invest into developing its own Facilitator workforce and processes with the guidance of World Triathlon, and license the World Triathlon Education & Knowledge Hub for course deliveries according to their own requirements.
World Triathlon Development is ready to discuss options in between these two solutions.
Full article on CEPP Brazil: Triathlon Brasil joins Coach Education Partnership Programme • World Triathlon

Regular Coach Revalidation - Two Weeks To Go

Regular Coach  Revalidation

March 1st marks the halfway of this year’s Certificate Revalidation of Coaches. Rule and anti-doping updates, safeguarding, training planning are among the topics this year, and on top of this, coaches are required to go through some updated modules of the coaches’ course. #TRICertifiedCoach

Extended revalidation opportunities
Since Februrary 2023 World Triathlon also provides ongoing revalidation opportunities to individuals who previously benefited at no cost from World Triathlon Coach Education but for whatever reason could not maintain their certifications.

2023 World Triathlon Revalidation of pre-2014 Certifications
A pay-based opportunity for those, who were already assessed and certified (and are hopefully active since their initial certifications before 2014), to become familiar with the Education & Knowledge HUB, refresh and complement what they learned during their previous course(s), and become familiar with those content elements, which have been developed and added since the introduction of the current education system.

2023 World Triathlon Revalidation of Expired Certifications
Another single, pay-based opportunity for individuals with expired post-2014 certificates to get them back on track, with the firm intention to bring those who missed any parts of the current CRoC process to the same level as where coaches are, who followed up regularly as required.

Applications for both non-regular revalidations detailed above are available online

Coach Education on the ground - Debut in Triathlon Togo

TOGO_Feb news DEV

2023 Lomé OS - World Triathlon Activator Community Seminar

TOGO_2_DEV_Feb news

World Triathlon Development kicked off this year’s first Olympic Solidarity project onsite at Lomé, Togo. The course was delivered in French by Thomas Steurbaut (BEL) and Reinout Van Schuylenbergh (BEL) from 21 to 24 February. Belgian Triathlon also made a friendly gesture to give triathlon gears to the Togo Triathlon Federation. Thomas Steurbaut (BEL) “ Doing what we love most all day: coaching, teaching and helping others to grow in the magnificent sport called Triathlon. This has been only the first step, we have to make sure that the enthusiasm remains as high as it was during the course and continuous support, guidance and monitoring are provided in the future as well”. This was the first ever TRI development project in the Western African country since its reaffiliation two years ago.
The content of this Activator course is composed of :
Day 1: history, structures and what is triathlon, what is coaching?
Day 2 : bike theory and skills, swimming the basics theory and practice
Day 3: swimming session 2 / playing games, safeguarding, ethics and working with kids, running the basics and practice
Day 4:  transitions, organising an event, practical assessment of the learning outcomes.

For more details please visit: World Triathlon Development: Activators • World Triathlon

Women in Sport High Performance Pathway (WISH PROGRAMME) kick-off at the University of Hertfordshire


Thirty-one female coaches from 25 countries representing 9 Olympic sports gathered for the residential week of the WISH Programme from 20 to 24 February at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. This has been an unforgettable and gamechanger experience for five selected triathlon coaches: Annie Andersson (SWE), Caroline Mora Valenciano (CRC), Eleanor Condon (IRL), Özenç Aygün Gündüz (TUR) and Tine Deckers (BEL).

The programme is part of the global call to action to increase the number of women in coaching at all levels and so provide athletes with greater choice supported by the IOC/ Olyomic Solidaroty, ASOIF, AIOWF and many International Federations including World Triathlon. Read the full article online.


World Triathlon has completed the process of the annual TOs certification. The results are a great demonstration of the excellent work that is taking place at all levels, from World Triathlon, the Continental Federations, the NFs, the facilitators, and, of course, the Technical Officials.. We are higher than the numbers that we had before COVID-19.


There have been an increase in the number of TOs in all areas again, but what is even more promising is the increase of female TOs in our database and on the FOP..

On L1, 36% of the officials are women, a 15% increase from last year.
On L2, 31% of the officials are women, an 8% increase from last year.
On L3, 35% of the officials are women, which is a 37% increase from last year.

Congratulations to all for this success, and special thanks to all the colleagues for their support, all our continental coordinators for their work on putting the calendar together, and our facilitators for delivering all our education activities face-to-face and online.
All certified officials can check the TOs certification lists and download their certificate, badge and emergency card from here.

For more details please visit: World Triathlon Development: Certification Documents • World Triathlon
2023 Salinas World Triathlon Technical Officials Level 1 Seminar
The seminar took place 9-10 February and was delivered by Yolanda Ibarra (MEX) “Thank you for all the effort, enthusiasm and work from the Technical Officials to make the event happen.”

Salinas seminar

2023 La Guaira World Triathlon Technical Officials Level 1 Seminar
Leveraging the event opportunity, 2023 Americas Triathlon Cup La Guaira, Venezuelan Triathlon Federation self-funded to host the Technical Official Level 1 Seminar for local technical officials development. “After several years of not having courses in Venezuela, the NF is making a great effort to once again promote triathlon in their country.” Felix Molina(MEX) America Triathlon, Events & TO Education Coordinator.  Roberto Menescal (BRA), course facilitator: “It was very exciting to see such a large team of TOs present and eager to participate in the activities, joining once again the family of ITOs of World Triathlon.”

La Guaira Seminar_DEV Feb


Good Governance: Affiliation Documents Revision

We kindly remind all National Federations about the completion of the Affiliation Documents Revision (1. NF Constitution/Statue, 2. A letter of compliance, 3. A letter of NOC Recognition) started in mid-February as part of our Good Governance Practices. We thank all the NFs who have already fulfilled the requirements.
If you need any further guidance please contact us at federations@triathlon.org.

NF Open Hours

On February 15-16, World Triathlon conducted the first edition of the 2023 NF Open Hours dedicated to Anti-Doping Education and Media & TriathlonLive.tv.

NF_Open_Hours_FEB edition

Recordings and presentations are available on triathlon.org.

Stay tuned on TRI Development & NF Services : Development • World Triathlon
Contact us at development@triathlon.org or federations@triathlon.org

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