Gavin Noble wins Victorian Championships

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Gavin Noble reports from Australia where as part of his preparation for the Commonwealth Games he has been racing some of the big local races:

Elite Victorian Olympic Distance Championships, Geelong, Australia

1. Gavin Noble (IRE) 1:57:14
2. Craig McKenzie 1:58:59
3. Tim Bentley 2:02:54

Check out Gavins own report and the report from Fox Sports News below…..

Gavin’s Report:
“In 42 degree heat - the hottest I have ever raced in - I led out of the water with one other and worked well on the bike to extend an advantage over the chasing pack. I took the run steady in the heat not wanting to over do it in the heat and blow up - i did so well and cruised to win by around 2 minutes.

The previous weekend I raced in the prestigious Gatorade Series and was 4th - over the sprint distance. Once again a small group of us got clear in the swim and came into t1 with a 22 second advantage - the others however where not willing to work on the bike so I attacked within the first few hundred metres and went alone. I was coming to the end of a long and hard bike week to wanted to test myself. Tiredness set in however and I was caught before the end of the bike by a large pack of athletes. A poor transition meant I missed the lead run pack and had to fight the wind along the beech front alone - making my way up to 4th by the finish. I was pleased however with my effort and with my first race of the year - a few transition points to work on !

All in all my time here in Melbourne has been good - these races acting as hard train sessions but races nonetheless.

I have a few open water races coming up, a few aquathons and sprint and olympic distances races in my build up to the games; so am training hard and so far everything is going to plan.”

Report on Fox Sports News:,8659,17906632-31903,00.html

Heat no barrier for Brits
By Katie Peart
January 23, 2006

STIFLING heat failed to deter overseas Commonwealth Games triathletes Gavin Noble and Kerry Lang, who won the Victorian Olympic-distance championships in Geelong yesterday.


Irishman Noble and Scot Lang showed no signs of wilting in yesterday’s searing temperatures, both leading from the outset.

Lang forged such a big lead in the women’s opening 1.5km swim at Eastern Beach that she managed to catch a group of male competitors.
“That always pleases me,” said the 29 year old, who has escaped Glasgow’s winter to prepare for the Games.
“It was a scorching hot day, but I really enjoyed racing.”
Lang had no close competition yesterday, winning the 1.5km swim-40km cycle-10km run event in 2hr 12min 43sec - more than 10 minutes ahead of second-placed Elly Franks.
“It would be great to have had more of a race with the girls ... but I’m sure I’ll get that next month when I race in Hobart,” Lang said.


Noble arrived in Melbourne early to train with Australian triathletes Josh Rix and Leon Griffin.

He said poor weather conditions at home had made it virtually impossible to train.
“It’s too cold outside on the bike and too dangerous because of the icy roads,” he said. “Here, I wake up at 6am and it’s already light and warm.”

The 24 year old finished 19th in the 2002 Games and said he was hoping for a top-10 place in Melbourne.
Noble won yesterday’s race in 1hr 57min 14sec, more than a minute ahead of defending champion Craig McKenzie.

McKenzie, who is returning from a persistent heel injury, said he was impressed with Noble’s form.
“I thought he would wilt in the heat, but it didn’t happen,” McKenzie said.
“I think they (Noble and Lang) will do quite well at the Commonwealth Games - at least I hope they do because it will prove we’re not doing too badly.”
McKenzie has been struggling with his foot injury since racing in Hawaii last October.
“It’s still not 100 per cent,” he said. “So today’s result wasn’t too bad, considering.”
Tim Bentley (2hr 2min 57sec) and Katrina Braszell (2hr 29min 33sec) finished third in each event.


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