Germany and Norway win the relays

by ITU Admin on 11 Feb, 2007 12:00

The night after the individual races put some snow on the hard tracks. 5 cmts of new powder snow changed the previous conditions to a softer snow, wich results in a harder race.

15 teams competed in the European Winter triathlon relay championships.

The womens competition was a fight among the 3 most powerful countries of the weekend, GER, NOR and AUT, with 10 seconds of difference among Schubert, Kalnes and Penker. In the second relay the fight was reduced to a head to head between Kullmann and Norstebo, and the german arrived to the change zone with only 15 seconds over the Norwegian. The final german relay was Mutsheller, the World Cup leader and the European Champion. and she established the definitive difference on the run leg. Camila Hott took the silver for Norway and Carina Wasle close te podium for Austria.

The men’s race had an spectacular first relay with 7 teams within 20 seconds in the first excange after the run-bike-ski. Italy was the early leader thanks to the fantastic ski leg of Oswald Weisenhorn. In the second relay the Norwegian Alf Roger Holme demostrate why is the world cup leader: his ski is simply fantastic, smooth, fast. As the French ski school teach us “doucement vite”. 25 seconds after the Norwegian, 3 teams passed the relay within 10 seconds GER, AUT and RUS. In the final relay, Holme put the last bick for the norwegian victory. Only Sigi Bauer/AUT develop the same speed than the winner and since the run leg we saw clear the silver position. The bronze medal was a great fight among Frank Stephan/GER and Konstantin Lavrentyev/RUS decided in favour of the german team in the last ski leg.

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