IMPORTANT!!!Burabay Asian Cup 2006!!!

by World Triathlon Admin on 03 Jul, 2006 12:00

Federation of Triathlon of Kazakhstan is asking the athletes to confirm their participation in the ITU Burabay Asian Cup 30.07.2006.

Athletes which are coming to Burabay they will be payed for the comfortable hotel with a meals on a period from 28-30.07.06
and also a transfer from Astana to Burabay.
Thanks for your attention.hope for the possitive reply.

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30 Jul, 2006 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Danylo Sapunov UKR 01:48:30
2. Dmitriy Gaag KAZ 01:50:06
3. Dmitry Polyanskiy RUS 01:50:36
4. Yulian Malyshev RUS 01:51:13
5. Ivan Morozov UZB 01:51:25
Results: Elite Women
1. Yekaterina Shatnaya KAZ 02:16:01
2. Hye-Min Kim KOR 02:21:01
3. Na-Eun Nam KOR 02:21:54
4. Bok Ju Kim KOR 02:23:07
5. Tatyana Maltseva KAZ 02:27:49
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