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by ITU Admin on 09 Jul, 2009 12:01

In this week’s paratriathlon article we will interview one of the most remarkable female athletes. Amy Dodson was second last year at the 2008 Vancouver ITU Triathlon World Championship in the TRI5 category and is one of the top contenders in the TRI5 category that includes below knee amputees.

What made you decide to compete in triathlon
I started competing in triathlons at the suggestion of a running partner.  I’d been running for three years or so, and my friend told me about a triathlon near my home.  I borrowed a bike and wetsuit and haven’t stopped racing in tri’s since!

What is your typical training week?
My typical training week is as follows:  I run at 5:00 a.m. After work, I lift weights and then swim or cycle.  I run about 50 miles a week, swim around   5 miles a week, and cycle around 100 miles a week.

What adaptations have you had to make to accommodate your disability for triathlon?
I really haven’t made any adaptations for triathlon, other than prosthetics for the bike and the run.

Can you describe any special equipment that you use for triathlon?
I run with the Freedom Innovations Nytro running foot.  I bike with an originally designed leg created by Jan Stokosa of Stokosa Prosthetic Clinic.  It’s a very light weight leg with no foot.  In its place is a titanium plate with a clip attached to the bottom.

What is the highlight of your involvement competing in triathlon so far?
The highlight of my involvement so far is the ITU race in Hamburg, Germany.  It was a beautiful course.  My swim was not good, but I came back on the bike and had a good run.  The experience of racing in such a gorgeous city was phenomenal.

What are your goals for this season?
This season my goals are the following:  I’d like to PR at the NYC Triathlon.  I usually have a decent swim and bike, but the run is always so difficult because of the heat and humidity.  I just melt by about mile four.  I hope that this year I can have a good run there.  I also plan on racing in the ITU Triathlon World Championships.  I hope to race strong, and medal in my division.

Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for individuals?
My words of advice would be to go for it.  It’s tough and time-consuming and can really try your spirit but nothing worthwhile comes easy.  The payback from training and competing is immeasurable.

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