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by Erin Greene on 07 Oct, 2013 05:25

ITU wishes to recruit a “Director General” (DG) as the top administrator and manager of the organisation.
The DG will work with the Executive Board to set the strategic direction of ITU and will report directly to
the ITU President. He/she will lead and collaborate with staff to achieve the targets set and will develop
teamwork across the ITU offices to deliver programmes. As the operational leader of the organisation,
the DG advises the ITU President and Executive Board, challenges the employees, and drives
entrepreneurial innovation. The internal communicator role is essential. As a manager, the DG presides
over the organization’s day-to-day operations.


Collaborate with the ITU President and Executive Board to:
- identify strategies and opportunities and advise in development of a four-year strategic plan to
achieve ITU’s mission statement,
- review the structure of the organisation regularly, and make recommendations for changes as
- develop thought leadership around specific topics and emerging best practice areas;
- ensure compliance with the ITU’s Constitution, policy and procedures, operational risk
management guidelines and to advise on the necessity of new and/or revised policies, procedures
and guidelines,

With the ITU President and staff, create a collaborative work culture which:

- enables staff to deliver the outcomes of the strategic goals, leading to outstanding services for key
- delegates authority, to execute his/her general responsibilities to be proactive and to lead,
motivate and manage the staff in a manner consistent with good human resource practice and
fairness, evaluating and feeding back regularly on their performance, retaining and recruiting key
management personnel with appropriate skills and experience and supporting their professional
and personal development in order to grow the potential of ITU as a whole.
- manages the increasingly complex reality associated with information technology, human
resources and related internal communications.
- is responsible for effective management of the staff-volunteer interface, to ensure that volunteers
are both valued and able to contribute fully towards achieving the strategic goals of the
- ensures that best practice is aspired to, developed and upheld at all times;

- with the ITU Vice President (finance), the Executive Board and for approval by ITU Congress, be
accountable for all aspects of the annual budget with an immediate solution in case of deviation.
- ensures long-term stewardship of ITU’s financial resources and assets, build and consolidate
reserves and raise other revenues, with annual growth as projected by the Board, over the next
- provides leadership in development, implementation, control and co-ordination of appropriate
internal and external risk management policies (financial, reputation, data management,
compliance with legal regulations, Health and Safety, IT etc.).
- supervises provision of essential internal organisation leadership activities (accounting / finance,
legal, human resources, communications, administration, and organisational planning).
- builds and maintains strong partner relationships and is an exceptional relationship-builder.
- leads the annual planning process and establish timely annual operating plans to deliver ITU’s
strategy and to report monthly to the ITU President and quarterly to the ITU Executive Board.

- Education: Degree in law, business, and/or finance.
- Experience: Senior Director, Chief Executive, particularly within the Olympic movement or
International Federations;
- Multilingual: Outstanding multilingual communication, in English and at least two other
languages. Spanish, a working language of the ITU Congress, and French, the second language of
the Olympic movement, will be of particular value.


- A passion for sport, triathlon, the values of the Olympic movement and the benefits of a healthy
sporting lifestyle.
- Fulfill fiduciary responsibilities in the best interests of ITU and of the constituent Continental
Confederations and National Federations, employees, funding partners, sponsors and of the
communities within which ITU operates.
- Ability to prioritise the most important operational actions to achieve the ITU strategic plan.
- Competence to manage professionals qualified to deliver expertise in sport management,
commercial rights and properties, finance, legal, TV & media, anti-doping, administration and
personnel management.
- Extensive experience in operational management roles, particularly within sporting organisations.
- Be a first class ambassador for the sport with strong ability to be a high profile point of contact for
the sport in developing and supporting a positive image of ITU to the public and all its stakeholders
and to be a visible and approachable resource for the Executive Board, staff and key stakeholders.
- Strong IT and administration skills.
- Practical experience in supervising production of legal agreements and reports to a high standard.
- Exceptional interpersonal skills, strong ability to work in high-pressure situations.
- Ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines effectively.
- Flexibility to work extra hours and during weekends, as well as with leave periods and holidays.
- Track record in delivering excellent results, on time, with ability to command respect, and assume
leadership roles.
- Proven ability to work with efficiency, flexibility, and good humor.
- Demonstrated ability to build and maintain relationships with a wide array of people; junior and
senior, from for-profit and nonprofit organisations, and from diverse backgrounds.
- Ability to exercise tact and diplomacy in organizational settings.
- Transparency, directness, with strong ability to perform with substance.
- Be a self-starter, with imagination and creativity
- Remain focused in the face of pressure, delivers against timelines, and not to be intimidated by
tasks/time limitations.
- Ensure that he/she complies with obligations as required by law, and by the ITU Constitution.
- Work from either the Lausanne or Madrid office of ITU, as directed by the President.


The salary will be determined according to the calibre of the candidate, vis-à-vis this job description,
the ITU culture and functions.

Candidates interested in applying for the above role should apply by emailing an up to date
Curriculum Vitae with cover letter and list of references, before 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Friday, 25
October 2013 to the Secretary General of ITU, Ms Loreen Barnett, at:

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