ITU Event Organizers and Technical Officials Community Level Seminar held in Pokhara, Nepal.

by Erin Greene on 03 Apr, 2014 12:59

ITU and ASTC recently held the first-ever community level TO course in the Pokhara, Nepal, roof of the world, to support Technical Officials development in the South Asian region. The course was combined with the 2014 Pokhara South Asian Cross Triathlon Championships and South Asian Confederation meeting.

A total of 39 technical officials and event organizers from six countries (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka) took the two-day course to enhance their knowledge and skills. Most of the TO candidates have shown their eagerness to learn more about triathlon because they are triathlon pioneers in their countries.

Marisol Casado, ITU president and IOC member, visited Nepal during the course. She met the President of Nepal and Sports Minister, as well as the President of the Nepal Olympic Committee and the member secretary of the National Sports Council to boost the development of Nepal Triathlon. Casado also attended the meeting of the South Asian Triathlon Association, and emphasized that regional cooperation would help promote the sport. SATA members are committed to helping each other make triathlon popular and promote our sport in the region.

“I am sure the course will give huge impact on our sport development in South Asian region. Through this course, our Technical Officials and event organizers learned about events preparations, ITU rules interpretation, and the rules implementation under the guidance of David Hoong, who is experienced in many major games and international events. Also it is so great to have this course before our South Asian Championships. Our Technical Officials in this region can practise what they learned in the course through this event,” said Nilendra, Secretary General of Nepal Triathlon Association and President of SATA.   

“Through this course I can see the potential of South Asian countries, and many of them work with their National Olympic Committee. This is proof of how much they want to develop triathlon in their countries. I tried my best to share all my experience and knowledge with the participants. I hope these participants share what they learned with people in their countries,” said David Hoong, ITU facilitator.

“I am so glad to know Nepal Triathlon Association has a long term development plan. NTA is planning more events and camps to develop coaches, athletes, and TOs with their government’s support. To be parallel with this LTD, ITU Sport Development project was held in Pokhara in cooperation with NT,” said Ki, Wookyong, ASTC Sports Development Coordinator.

The next sport development project in Asia will be the Level 1 Technical Officials Course in Malaysia from April 5-6.

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