ITU Level 1 Coaching Course in Taipei City, Chinese Taipei

by World Triathlon on 09 Dec, 2014 12:23 • Español

A Level 1 Coaching Course recently took place at the University of Taipei with 16 candidates from three countries, such as Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, and Macau, selected by ITU for the five day coaching course under the guidance of Luc Morin, from Canada and Eugene Lee, from Singapore.

Dr. Liu, Yuh-Feng, president of the Chinese Taipei Triathlon Association, liked ITU’s mixed selection of young coaches and older elite athlete to promote exchanges of ideas between participants from developing NFs.

“This course provided opportunities to review coaching skills and styles and to realize the value of cooperation among coaches to develop our sport and athletes.”

Hsieh Shen-Yen, a candidate from Chinese Taipei said, “The course is tough. We have to prepare our own presentations and practical sessions. Participants who don’t speak English had a hard time with the e-learning system. However, we realized that this is all part of the planned learning procedure. We learned a lot from the two facilitators, and this five day course will bring changes in our coaching.”

Luc Morin mentioned that he witnessed leaps and bounds in the abilities to deliver training sessions.

“Participants were able to lean, correct, and adapt with their delivery of workouts. I hope they will keep finding opportunities to practice their new coaching skills.”

Eugene Lee said, “The ITU continues to improve the coaching courses with this new format that allows participants to learn through e-learning and then implement their knowledge directly into practical coaching.”

Ki, ASTC Sports Development Coordinator, said, “The online coaching education system e-learning pre-course facilitates the participation and interaction of all candidates. I am certain that this change will result in huge improvement in the delivery and quality of coaching courses. E-learning system will be a practical platform for successful candidates and develop their daily coaching practice.”

The next sport development project in Asia will be the Level 1 Technical Officials seminar in Tehran, Iran.

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