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This past July, 77 of the world’s finest triathletes came to Geneva for one of the nation’s five Pan American Cups. The streets of Geneva closed down and Seneca Lake was churned to a mighty froth as Olympian Victor Plata and Cooperstown-born Sarah Groff raced to victory, in pursuit of cash dollar and world ranking points. Next July, we’re doing it again.

A month before the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, we’ll host the fastest of the fast in a draft-legal, multi-loop, closed-course dynamo through downtown Geneva. As the only Pan American Cup east of the Mississippi, the Musselman will be an important test event for the U.S. Olympians priming for the Olympics. And as we did last year, we’ll stage the mini-Mussel sprint race Saturday morning and the Pan American Cup in the afternoon, giving all Musselman participants the chance to be roadside as the blur of bicycles stands your hair on end.

Remember, if you miss the Musselman ITU race, you’ll have to journey to Des Moines, San Francisco, Portland, or Oklahoma City to see one.

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12 Jul, 2008 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Julie Ertel USA 02:04:52
2. Kathy Tremblay CAN 02:07:02
3. Alicia Kaye USA 02:10:44
4. Sarah-Anne Brault CAN 02:13:01
5. Tenille Hoogland CAN 02:16:11
6. Rachel O'Reilly CAN 02:20:58
7. Annie Warner USA 02:22:03
DNF. Heidi Sarna USA 00:00:00
DNF. Maxine Seear AUS 00:00:00
DNF. Amanda Felder USA 00:00:00
Results: Elite Men
1. Brian Fleischmann USA 01:51:35
2. Jarrod Shoemaker USA 01:51:47
3. Ethan Brown USA 01:54:09
4. Dave Messenheimer USA 01:55:41
5. David Matthews AUS 01:55:48
6. Andrew Yorke CAN 01:56:20
7. James Loaring CAN 01:56:44
8. Cameron Dye USA 01:57:02
9. Jason Wilson BAR 01:57:14
10. David Kuendig USA 01:57:14
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