ITU Technical Officials database grows

by Erin Greene on 27 Feb, 2014 09:31

Since the creation of the Technical Official’s database in 2009, our overall certification program has now completed four years, providing us with strong data to evaluate the future of TOs in our sport. In the last four years, we have seen a 226% increase in the number of recorded technical officials around the world.

Through the ITU education program, the following has been accomplished:
- More than 750 officials have been certified as ITU TO level 1, which is an increase of 74% since 2010
- 153 officials have received the ITU TO level 2 certification, 60% more officials since the establishment of the new certification program
- 37 officials have obtained the highest certification level in ITU, which is an increase of 60% from 2010.

Certification status lists can be found here. In the future, we will explore moving to an e-learning platform for the validation process. This will allow us to continue growing the TO database, while decreasing assets invested in seminars and courses.

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