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The 2005 ITU Holten Triathlon breaks new ground with the organisers providing a live video feed of every competitor crossing the line at the weekend’s competition.

Click here for live video feed.

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With a strong field of national and international competitors and spectacular extra activities the Stichting Triathlon Holten (STH- Federation Triathlon Holten) works hard on giving athletes, sponsors and spectators a fantastic weekend.

European Premium Cup
In the last years the winner of the Holten Elite race was rewarded 200 points for the ITU World ranking. This year however the winners of the Elite male and female race can take 400 points back home. The organisation of the Holten race is allowed to reward the first ten athletes to cross the finish line in both races with ranking points, going up to 750 points for each race. This is possible because the ITU/ETU gave the Holten race the honour of becoming an European Premium Cup race. Until now, only the organisations of the Holten and Alanya triathlon are entitled to carry this name.

Prize money
For years now, the STH makes the race extra worthwhile by adding prize money to the race for the first ten athletes to finish. This year the winner of every race will win € 2750,-. The STH decided to add an extra € 450,- to the prize money in 2005; for every fastest swim, bike and run split the organisation will pay € 150,-. The organisation expects that by establishing extra prize money, the race will get an even more thrilling progress. Depending on the effect, additional prizes for the fastest split times will be provided in the coming years as well. 

International competitors
Four weeks before the race the organisation was already deluged by international triathletes trying to get into the race. A compliment for the organisation and its 800 volunteers. Up to 135 athletes have said to join the race so far. Twenty six of them have a Dutch nationality, the others are from 19 different countries, namely Belgium, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Ukraine, Finland, Czech, Slovakia, France, Poland, Russia, Yugoslavia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Argentine.

Elite men
Over 80 triathletes have entered the Elite men’s race for next Saturday. Amongst those Australian athlete Brad Kahlefeldt. Kahlefeldt is the 2004 Oceanic champion and won the World Championships under 23 in 2002. In 2003 he had an excellent year by getting a second place in the World Cup race in Mexico, and a third place in both the World Cups in Hamburg and Nice. Winner of the 1999 and 2000 edition of the Holten race, Martin Krnavek (CZE), also promised to be present at the start of the 21st edition. Krnavek is an experienced triathlete who already competed at two Olympic Games. In Athens he was the 42nd athlete to cross the finish line, but in Sydney he made it to the 13th spot. Especially the Tiszaujvaros World Cup races seem to be his specialty. He won this race in 2001, became third in 2002 and ninth in 2003. One of his important opponents is Shane Reed (NZL), who will also be part of the Holten race. Reed won the Tiszaujvaros race in 2004, became 4th in 2003 and 7th in 2002. He also knows the Holten race really well. Reed is having a terrific sports season so far; he is the 2005 New Zealand aquathlon champion and won the St. Croix half ironman and the Olympic Distance race in Obernai, France. 

Elite women
This year the organisation of the International Triathlon Holten also got a lot of applications from female Elite triathletes. No less then 35 women will start on the 16th of July. One of them will be Ricarda Lisk (GER), winner of last years edition. She has to try to hold on to her title in a much stronger field of competitors then last year. One of her opponents will be Evelyn Williamson (NZ). Williamson raced in Holten several times already and made it to a third spot last year. In 2004 she also became 4th at the World Cup in Edmonton, Canada. Williamson also competed at the Olympic Games in Sydney where she was the 22nd woman to finish. For Nadia Cortassa (ITA) 2004 was a great year as well. She became 6th at both the World Cups in Madrid and Cancun. Like Williamson she also competed at the Olympic Games; in Athens she was the 5th triathlete to cross the finish line.

Dutch Elite athletes
Amongst the Elite triathletes also a few excellent Dutch triathletes; for the men’s race Sander Berk, Guido Gosselink, Huib Rost, Youri Severin, Dennis Looze and Raymond Lotz have entered the race. In the ladies field Jenette Tolhoek-van Dalen and Tanya de Boer will compete next Saturday.

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16 Jul, 2005 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Andrew Johns GBR 01:49:43
2. Brad Kahlefeldt AUS 01:49:47
3. Yohann Vincent FRA 01:50:01
4. Daniel Fontana ITA 01:50:10
5. Jan Raphael GER 01:50:21
Results: Elite Women
1. Helen Lawrence GBR 02:03:00
2. Nadia Cortassa ITA 02:03:20
3. Irina Abysova RUS 02:03:40
4. Mieke Suys BEL 02:03:57
5. Merja Kiviranta FIN 02:03:58
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