London Grand Final: Elite Women Press Conference Highlights

by Adam Petrie on 12 Sep, 2013 01:54 • Español

Non Stanford (GBR), Anne Haug (GER) and Gwen Jorgensen (USA), the three elite women at the top of the World Series rankings, spoke at the official press conference ahead of the PruHealth World Triathlon Grand Final London. With just 13 points separating the three athletes in the rankings, the winner in London is destined to take the World Series title.

Women's Press Conference

Non Stanford (GBR)

On competing again in Stockholm after injuring her arm in Hamburg this July:
“Thankfully it is completely better now, which is a relief. Going into Stockholm it was quite tough and I was swimming pretty much with one arm. I damaged my stronger arm, my dominant arm so the race was hard work and the preparation that went into it was well managed.”

“I’m lucky to have a great team around me and the physio team and the coaching team got me through it. I didn’t exactly have the best swim in Stockholm but I got through it and I survived and that was the aim and hopefully my swim this weekend will be back to where it was before the accident.”

Anne Haug (GER)

On her pre-race preparation:
“You can’t change the world in the last two days. So today I did a little of everything, I was running in the morning, I did a little spin around lunchtime and I’ll go to the pool after the press conference and tomorrow I’ll do a run and the bike with a little bit of swim in The Serpentine as well. And on race day I’ll wake up early, have breakfast and get ready to race.”

Gwen Jorgensen (USA)

On how the course in London has influenced her career:
“I attribute a lot of my success to the London course. In 2011 I had a breakthrough race and I think it really put me on the triathlon map. And in 2012 at the Olympics I got a result I wasn’t very happy with and it was humbling. I made some decisions after that, that I wanted to make some investments. I switched coaches to Jamie Turner and I’m really happy and excited with where my triathlon is right now. “

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Results: 16-19 Female AG Sprint
1. Malia Ellington USA 01:11:42
2. Elyse Foster AUS 01:12:57
3. Emma Jeffcoat AUS 01:13:46
4. Kirsten Vergara CHI 01:14:14
5. Steffie Holcroft NZL 01:14:23
Results: 16-19 Male AG Sprint
1. Gustav Iden NOR 01:03:56
2. Kyle Smith NZL 01:04:16
3. Dillon Nobbs USA 01:04:25
4. Matthew Baker AUS 01:04:36
5. Christopher Perham GBR 01:04:54
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2. Brooke Saunders USA 02:11:23
3. Rebecca Ladyman GBR 02:11:34
4. Severine Bouchez BEL 02:15:22
5. Michelle Swarovski USA 02:19:38
Results: 18-19 Male AG
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2. Jessey The Elf CAN 01:52:49
3. Andrew Beardsall CAN 01:54:00
4. Robbie Deckard USA 01:58:49
5. Cameron Goodison AUS 01:59:11
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2. Meghan Degan USA 02:01:42
3. Martina Fellmann NZL 02:02:19
4. India Kraal NZL 02:02:44
5. Lisa Miksch GER 02:03:13
Results: 20-24 Female AG Sprint
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2. Amalia Isabel Sánchez Albo MEX 01:13:48
3. Lauren Babineau CAN 01:14:41
4. Emma-Lea Davis GBR 01:14:58
5. Emily Whitmore GBR 01:15:57
Results: 20-24 Male AG
1. Samuel Wade GBR 01:47:23
2. Hahasiah Yosua Cervantes Martinez MEX 01:47:28
3. Jaime Davies-Campbell NZL 01:47:55
4. Matthew Organista USA 01:49:12
5. Andrew Lloyd NZL 01:49:44
Results: 20-24 Male AG Sprint
1. Matthew Organista USA 01:05:34
2. Jackson Laundry CAN 01:05:57
3. Sergio Valenzuela Becerril MEX 01:06:19
4. Matthew Nelson GBR 01:06:27
5. Hannes Müller GER 01:06:39
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2. Jenny Latham GBR 01:59:55
3. Carmen Macheriotou CYP 02:01:44
4. Lydia Hale NZL 02:02:02
5. Alycia Hill USA 02:02:22
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2. Grace France GBR 01:14:03
3. Amy Haddon NZL 01:15:00
4. Jemima Twist GBR 01:15:14
5. Anna Seymour GBR 01:16:29
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