On the road to London, we want to hear your stories

by Merryn Sherwood on 13 Aug, 2013 06:55 • Espa├▒ol
On the road to London, we want to hear your stories

In just over a months time, the world’s best triathletes will descend on London’s Hyde Park to compete in the 2013 World Triathlon Grand Final London. From the elite level, to U23, junior, age-group sprint athletes and paratriathletes, there are thousands of stories just waiting to be shared.

So we’d like to use this space as an official call to action, this year we want to help share all the tales that make triathlon fantastic, but we need your help.

Is it the 10th time you have competed at an ITU World Championship event, or the first? Are you coming back from a major injury, do you have someone you are racing for? Do come from a country that requires training mostly in the snow, or in heat and humidity? Or do you simply just love being a triathlete? Once we gather a collection of the best, we’ll be sharing them across this website and our Twitter, Facebook and Instragram accounts to spread the triathlon message.

This year we want to showcase the triathletes at every level in London, so if you have a great story that you want to share, please contact us at raodtolondon@triathlon.org, tweet us @worldtriathlon or post on our Facebook page

Want to share your Road to London story? Submit to roadtolondon@triathlon.org or via Facebook or Twitter followed by #RoadToLondon

Make sure everyone you know who is on the #roadtolondon starts to share their story.

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11 - 15 Sep, 2013 • event pageall results
Results: 16-19 Female AG Sprint
1. Malia Ellington USA 01:11:42
2. Elyse Foster AUS 01:12:57
3. Emma Jeffcoat AUS 01:13:46
4. Kirsten Vergara CHI 01:14:14
5. Steffie Holcroft NZL 01:14:23
6. Natalea Smith AUS 01:15:09
7. Aleena Villani USA 01:15:24
8. Hannah Sturmer NZL 01:15:47
9. Lauren York GBR 01:15:50
10. Severine Bouchez ITU 01:16:08
Results: 16-19 Male AG Sprint
1. Gustav Iden NOR 01:03:56
2. Kyle Smith NZL 01:04:16
3. Dillon Nobbs USA 01:04:25
4. Matthew Baker AUS 01:04:36
5. Christopher Perham GBR 01:04:54
6. Morten Hansen NOR 01:05:03
7. Michael Hooper AUS 01:05:04
8. Cameron Roberts AUS 01:05:09
9. William Kirk GBR 01:05:21
10. Tony Morales USA 01:05:34
Results: 18-19 Female AG
1. Charlotte Taylor GBR 02:00:29
2. Brooke Saunders USA 02:11:23
3. Rebecca Ladyman GBR 02:11:34
4. Severine Bouchez ITU 02:15:22
5. Michelle Swarovski USA 02:19:38
6. Skyler Werner USA 02:19:51
7. Rachel Hardy GBR 02:20:26
8. Amy Penberthy AUS 02:20:33
9. Lauren Evans GBR 02:35:00
10. Nicole Walch USA 02:35:31
Results: 18-19 Male AG
1. Morten Hansen NOR 01:52:41
2. Jessey The Elf CAN 01:52:49
3. Andrew Beardsall CAN 01:54:00
4. Robbie Deckard USA 01:58:49
5. Cameron Goodison AUS 01:59:11
6. Tautvydas Kopustas LTU 01:59:25
7. Spencer Ralston USA 01:59:33
8. Dmitry Baer USA 01:59:50
9. Martin Van Der Velden NZL 02:00:50
10. Leonardo Sanchez Ramirez MEX 02:01:26
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