Para triathlon Visual Impairment Research kick off

by Olalla Cernuda on 21 Jun, 2024 01:13 • Español
Para triathlon Visual Impairment Research kick off

In partnership with the Faculty of Optometry from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, World Triathlon is pleased to announce the kick-off for the Visual Impairment (VI) Research with the purpose of implementing a sport-specific system in para triathlon in compliance with the International Paralympic Committee’s Classification Code provisions.

After the meetings held in 2015 and 2016 with athletes, coaches and IBSA classifiers, the project has finally seen its first steps in the quest to consider alternate parameters affecting VI in the sport of para triathlon.

The current system, like many other Para sports, is based solely on loss of Visual Acuity and loss of Visual Field, but the experts group and the round of consultation with member federations outlined a number of parameters that are now being measured with specific tools and protocols that could be incorporated in the future as part of the classification methodology. These parameters include but are not limited to Light Perception, Motion Perception, Speed of Recognition, Eye-Hand Coordination, Visual/Motor reaction time, Balance, Contrast Sensitivity, Distance and Depth Perception and additional ways of measuring Visual Acuity (Binocular) and Visual Field (Binocular, Central and Peripheral).

Para triathletes had the opportunity to be measured in Vigo alongside the World Cup end of May and in Madrid, in parallel with the Out of Competition Opportunity for VI Classification between 10 and 13th of June. More events will be selected for obtaining more information in what could be a 3-4 year project.

World Triathlon would like to thank the Universidad Complutense and their lead researchers, Professors Ricardo Bernárdez, Gonzalo Carracedo and María Serramito for their commitment and dedication to the project and all the athletes and guides that have cooperated so far in this critical stage of data collection.

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