ParaTri season starts with Rio 2016 Paralympic Champions claiming victories

by Olalla Cernuda on 14 Mar, 2017 11:51 • Español
ParaTri season starts with Rio 2016 Paralympic Champions claiming victories

Rio 2016 Paralympic champions Grace Norman and Allysa Seely got positive starts to their seasons after winning their respective races at the 2017 Sarasota CAMTRI Para Triathlon American Championships.

Wrapping up on Saturday (11 March), the race of the 2017 season was held in Sarasota, Florida, the USA, and featured around 50 athletes, most racing for the first time since September’s Paralympic Games.

Under a new classification format, the USA’s Norman won the women’s PTS5 race. Norman, who won the then-PT4 gold medal from Rio, finished about three minutes ahead of Canada’s Kamylle Frenette. Brazil’s Ana Raquel Lins came in third.

The women’s PTS2 (formerly-PT2) was a battle between US teammates Seely and Hailey Danz, the respective Paralympic gold and silver medallists. Seely had a strong swim and run leg to take the victory.

The USA’s Mark Barr took a second straight win on the course in Sarasota in the men’s PTS2 (formerly-PT2). He had a commanding lead over Morocco’s runner-up Mohamed Lahna, the very man who bumped Barr off a podium finish at Rio 2016. Brazil’s Andre Barbieri was third.

US triathlete Chris Hammer also missed out on a podium finish in September but left Sarasota with another win on the course in the men’s PTS5. It was a tight race with Brazil’s Carlos Rafael Viana, but the Brazilian could not keep up with Hammer in the run, taking second. Argentina’s Pablo Pomata finished third.

In a loaded men’s PTS4 (formerly-PT4), the USA’s Jamie Brown came out on top, followed by Brazil’s Jorge Luis Fonseca and the USA’s Joel Rosinbum, respectively.

In her first race since Rio 2016, the USA’s Patricia Collins was the undisputed winner of the women’s PTS4 (formerly-PT4). Compatriots Andrea Walton and Ana Manciaz finished second and third, respectively.

Aaron Scheidies had no trouble taking the men’s PTVI race, with nearly a seven minute finish ahead of Venezuela’s David Rangel Uzcategui. Canada’s Jon Dunkerley was third.

In the women’s equivalent, Elizabeth Baker crossed the finish line first ahead of compatriot Amy Dixon. Canada’s Jessica Tuomela rounded off the podium.

Brazil’s Fernando Aranha had a strong swim and bike segment to win the men’s PTHC. US athletes completed the top three with Geoffrey Kennedy and Howie Sanborn, respectively.

In the women’s equivalent, the USA’s Mary Catherine Callahan beat Brazil’s Danielle Nobile. The USA’s Brian Norberg made up time in the last leg to beat Brazil’s Tiago Matthes in the men’s PTS3, while Brazil’s Fernanda Katheline Pereira finished the women’s PTS3.

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11 Mar, 2017 • event pageall results
Results: PTWC Men
1. Fernando Aranha H2 BRA 01:03:31
2. Geoffrey Kennedy H1 USA 01:04:57
3. Howie Sanborn H1 USA 01:11:50
4. Zach Young H1 USA 01:14:43
5. Anthony Serra H2 USA 01:41:58
Results: PTWC Women
1. Mary Catherine Callahan H1 USA 01:19:10
2. Danielle Nobile H1 BRA 01:48:00
Results: PTS2 Men
1. Mark Barr USA 01:08:38
2. Mohamed Lahna USA 01:12:44
3. Andre Barbieri BRA 01:18:14
4. Adam Popp USA 01:20:31
5. Juan Manuel Geny ARG 01:23:38
Results: PTS2 Women
1. Allysa Seely USA 01:17:47
2. Hailey Danz USA 01:20:28
Results: PTS3 Men
1. Brian Norberg USA 01:18:13
2. Tiago Matthes BRA 01:18:52
Results: PTS3 Women
1. Fernanda Katheline Pereira BRA 01:26:36
Results: PTS4 Men
1. Jamie Brown USA 01:01:21
2. Jorge Luis Fonseca BRA 01:04:58
3. Joel Rosinbum USA 01:06:55
4. Marcelo Collet BRA 01:08:07
5. Omar Bermejo USA 01:10:13
Results: PTS4 Women
1. Patricia Collins USA 01:16:36
2. Andrea Walton USA 01:30:04
3. Ana Manciaz USA 01:39:38
Results: PTS5 Men
1. Chris Hammer USA 00:58:35
2. Carlos Rafael Viana BRA 00:59:29
3. Pablo Pomata ARG 01:10:55
Results: PTS5 Women
1. Grace Norman USA 01:06:13
2. Kamylle Frenette CAN 01:09:44
3. Ana Raquel Lins BRA 01:15:22
4. Ruth-Ann Reeves USA 01:18:41
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