Paratriathletes battle heat at European Championships in Pontevedra

by Masa Takaya on 28 Jun, 2011 11:55 • Español

A total of 51 Paratriathletes lined up on the sizzling pavement for a sprint in front of massive crowds in Pontevedra, Spain, only a few hours before the elite men’s showdown at the European Championships on Saturday.

Athletes faced grueling conditions with intense heat and almost no breeze to cool them during the 5 km run and 20 km bike ride that followed the 750-meter swim. The determination they demonstrated inspired the crowds, who filled the stadium with loud cheers.

Competition was sometimes tight, as in the men’s events. In the T4 category (arm impairment including paralysis), Peter Boronkay (HUN) won a thrilling race by a tiny 29 seconds, ahead of Lars Hansen (GER), earning him a particularly rapturous welcome at the finish.

“Some amazingly talented and fit athletes, who are competing at elite level in Paratriathlon, and who may have any combination and degree of loss of limb, coordination, sight or have a spinal cord injury,” ITU Vice President Sarah Springman said. “Their passion to race hard and give no quarter, and their ability to adapt, are deeply impressive as are some of the technological solutions they adopt to help their athletic performances.”

Nine countries claimed spots on the podiums, including Spain, Great Britain, Austria, Hungary, France, Serbia, Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

The men took part in six different categories, while the women filled three categories.

“Europe is the most active continent in promoting Paratriathlon and is, together with the USA, leading development and progress in most classification categories for men and women,”. “Giving paratriathletes an opportunity to compete annually over the sprint distance inclusively in the European Championships is absolutely essential.”

The ITU has been developing Paratriathlon for over 15 years. There are currently six categories for physically challenged athletes to compete in over the sprint Paratriathlon distance of 750m swim, 20km bike (handcycle/tandem/bicycle), 5km run (run/wheelchair) at the ITU World Triathlon Championships each year.

2011 ITU Paratriathlon World Championships are scheduled for September during the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Grand Final Beijing. Paratriathlon has been added to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games programme.

2011 Pontevedra ETU Triathlon European Championships - 25 June 2011
Final Results - Paratriathlon

  • Female TRI-1: Gold - Jane Egan (GBR)  1:52:47
  • Female TRI-4: Gold - Faye McClelland (GBR)  1:22:04
  • Female TRI-6: Gold - Charlotte Ellis (GBR)  1:22:37
  • Male TRI-1: Gold - Francesc Sola Garcia (ESP)  1:24:59
  • Male TRI-2: Gold - David Peiffer (FRA)  1:34:03
  • Male TRI-3: Gold - Steven Judge (GBR)  1:20:38
  • Male TRI-4: Gold - Peter Boronkay (HUN)  1:15:25
  • Male TRI-5: Gold - Ernst Scheiber (AUT)  1:15:34
  • Male TRI-6: Gold - Lazar Filipovic (SRB)  1:13:19

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24 - 26 Jun, 2011 • event pageall results
Results: Junior Women
1. Hanna Philippin GER 01:05:42
2. Eszter Dudás HUN 01:06:00
3. Eszter Pap HUN 01:06:01
4. Elena Maria Petrini ITA 01:06:07
5. Annika Vössing GER 01:06:08
6. Monika Orazem SLO 01:06:25
7. Sara Vilic AUT 01:06:31
8. Melina Alonso ESP 01:06:41
9. Lucy Hall GBR 01:06:46
10. Marlene Gomez-Islinger GER 01:06:53
Results: Junior Men
1. Justus Nieschlag GER 00:59:09
2. Jelle Geens BEL 00:59:11
3. Matthias Steinwandter ITA 00:59:14
4. Martin Debnar CZE 00:59:16
5. Raphael Montoya FRA 00:59:22
6. Renning Elischer GER 00:59:28
7. Delian Stateff ITA 00:59:29
8. Simon Viain FRA 00:59:39
9. Kristian Blummenfelt NOR 00:59:42
10. Bob Haller LUX 00:59:46
Results: Elite Women
1. Emmie Charayron FRA 02:04:00
2. Vendula Frintova CZE 02:05:27
3. Annamaria Mazzetti ITA 02:05:28
4. Ainhoa Murua Zubizarreta ESP 02:05:40
5. Yuliya Yelistratova UKR 02:06:10
6. Marina Damlaimcourt ESP 02:06:21
7. Zsófia Kovács HUN 02:06:22
8. Sarah Fladung GER 02:06:27
9. Helle Frederiksen DEN 02:06:29
10. Jodie Stimpson GBR 02:06:41
Results: Elite Men
1. Alistair Brownlee GBR 01:48:48
2. Jonathan Brownlee GBR 01:48:55
3. Dmitry Polyanskiy RUS 01:50:09
4. Mario Mola ESP 01:50:16
5. Alessandro Fabian ITA 01:50:23
6. Joao Pereira POR 01:50:39
7. Laurent Vidal FRA 01:50:53
8. Danylo Sapunov UKR 01:50:55
9. Tony Moulai FRA 01:51:02
10. Yegor Martynenko UKR 01:51:03
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