PATCO host Olympic Solidarity Camp

by ITU Admin on 30 Jul, 2005 12:00

Kristine Chambers, ITU Sport Development writes from the Olympic Solidarity Camp in Vila Vehla, Brazil….PATCO hosted the Pan American solidarity camp in Vila Velha Brazil (see report below) July 11 through 17.  The support from the Brazilian Federation was impressive.  Organization of the camp was excellent, with everyone working closely to ensure the athletes experienced the highest quality training.  All athletes enjoyed an enjoyable, educational experience with much passion and camaraderie in the group.  All coaches shared responsibilities throughout the camp for practices, activities, and the athletes.

All junior athletes completed a 5km run time trial and a 1000m swim time trial in accordance with the ITU Sport Development plans.  An ongoing database will be maintained with results from all International junior camps.  Athletes aged 13-15 completed 3000m and 500m in the run and swim respectively.

The finale event was changed to a duathlon grand prix due to concerns about water safety.  The coaches used the opportunity to teach athletes about the importance of being flexible and adaptable to changing conditions.  It was an exciting race.  Spectators included the Alberto Fonollosa, the President of PATCO, Mario Rodriguez, the President of UCECATRI, and Carlos Froes, President of the Brazilian Triathlon Federation in addition to members of the Brazilian Olympic Committee.

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