Photo Competition: Week 2 results

by Erin Greene on 21 Nov, 2014 03:41 • Español
Photo Competition: Week 2 results

With so many beautiful photos to choose from, a number of pictures received high percentages of votes. But there was one clear winner, which went to a moment frozen in flight. Suspended parallel over the chilly water perpendicular to majestic Lion’s Head Mountain rolling and soaring in the background, it’s hard to argue that this photo was the best of the bunch.

This week’s runner up was a tight battle between three photos, but in the end the mixture of mountains, ocean and elite competition was no match. 

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Results: Elite Men
1. Javier Gomez Noya ESP 01:44:52
2. Jonathan Brownlee GBR 01:45:11
3. Dmitry Polyanskiy RUS 01:45:35
4. Mario Mola ESP 01:45:44
5. Richard Murray NED 01:45:57
Results: Elite Women
1. Jodie Stimpson GBR 01:46:11
2. Helen Jenkins GBR 01:46:18
3. Gwen Jorgensen USA 01:46:33
4. Sarah True USA 01:47:11
5. Ainhoa Murua Zubizarreta ESP 01:47:54
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