Press Release - 2003 ITU Hamburg World Cup - Elite Men

by World Triathlon Admin on 06 Sep, 2003 12:00

Johns Wins, Docherty 2nd Again At Hamburg ITU World Cup
  Hamburg, Germany: A small group, led by Volodomyr Polikarpenko of the Ukraine,   Shane Reed of New Zealand, Reto Hug of Switzerland and Carl Blasco of France   tried in vain to make a break away in the 2-lap, 1500m swim leg of todays   Hamburg ITU World Cup, but it was not enough to get away on the bike, as the   entire field of 64 men was out of the water within 1 minute. Polikarpenko posted   the fastest swim split of the day at 19:44.

With almost the entire field on the bike together, and no significant   chase pack, Johns, who went through the first lap in 57th position, gradually   moved his way up to the front by the end of the 8-lap 40km bike course. The   speed of that big pack was very challenging around all those technical corners.   I really had to stay focused because of all the maneuvering and attempted breakaways.   Johns said after the race.

Bevan Docherty managed to post the fastest bike split of the   day at 54:46, which set him up for a strong run at the top of the podium, something   that has alluded him all season.

Once onto the 3-lap, 10km run course, a huge group stayed together   at the front through the first 2 laps. German teammates Daniel Unger and Stefan   Vukovic stayed in good position, and when Unger actually took the lead for most   of lap 2, the thousands of German fans who lined the course were stirred into   a frenzy, hoping for a repeat German triumph like yesterdays event and   Anja Dittmers victory.

It was the young Brad Kahlefeldt from Australia, 2002 World   Champion in the U/23 category who decided to break up the big pack at the front,   and at the start of the last lap he picked up the pace and pulled away. John   and Docherty recognized what was happening and immediately met the challenge   and went with Krahlefeldt. With about 250 metres to the finishline, Johns discovered   that he had another gear and the energy to go with it. The crowd was   so loud at that point that I couldnt hear either my footsteps or my breathing,   he said after the race. Docherty, who along with Johns posted a sub-30 minute   10km was dropped by Johns in the finish straight for 2nd, while Brad Kahlefeldt   was 3rd. Daniel Unger was 4th, his best performance of the season, and Australias   Simon Thompson was 5th.

Germanys Olympic silver medallist, Stefan Vukovic said   in an interview before the race, If I finish in the top 10, then I know   that Im back! (following a series of illnesses and injuries that   have plagued him since the Sydney Olympics.) His 7th place finish today sent   out that message in spades!

In Bevan Dochertys post-race interview he said about   his string of 2nd place finishes, Andrew Johns has found that other secret   gear in the run just like the one that (Olympic Champion) Simon Whitfield   has. I need to find that gear!

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06 - 07 Sep, 2003 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Andrew Johns GBR 01:44:59
2. Bevan Docherty NZL 01:45:03
3. Brad Kahlefeldt AUS 01:45:10
4. Daniel Unger GER 01:45:15
5. Simon Thompson AUS 01:45:16
Results: Elite Women
1. Anja Dittmer GER 01:54:36
2. Kate Allen AUT 01:54:38
3. Nadia Cortassa ITA 01:54:46
4. Beatrice Lanza ITA 01:54:59
5. Michelle Dillon GBR 01:55:09
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