Rest & Recovery CPD Course - World Triathlon Development

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Rest & Recovery CPD Course - World Triathlon Development

The performance model is continually changing as a result of new race formats. This can be simply illustrated through the World Triathlon World Champion title, which has moved from a one-off performance to now being awarded at the conclusion of a series of WTCS competitions stretching from March to September.  The emergence of Super League has brought race formats requiring athletes to perform multiple times in a day and consecutive days.

Since the introduction of the individual and mixed team relay at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, athletes and coaches have had to develop unique recovery plans in order to compete at their best in pursuit of Olympic Gold in the individual and mixed team relay events only a few days apart.

Recovery strategies should be evaluated and individualised due to the variance in how each individual responds to various approaches. The recovery status of the athletes should be evaluated and tracked by the coaches in a manner similar to how they measure and monitor the training load.

This year’s candidates are already working on their post-course assignments back in their home countries. Their takeaways hopefully will also include new friendships and an excellent international coaching network they can rely on in the future.

To provide education on the best practices of rest and recovery, World Triathlon Development and Education was privileged to have Lorena Torres-Ronda, PhD conduct a 4-week webinar for coaches to further develop their knowledge on recovery and rest techniques through this CPD course.

Lorena Torres Ronda (ESP) - keynote speaker
“We successfully finished the Word Triathlon Rest and Recovery CPD course last week. Over the duration of four days, we have seen everything from the fundamentals of rehabilitation to the newest and most innovative techniques and technologies available in the field of sport recovery. The experience has been highly fulfilling, as evidenced by the enthusiastic engagement and commitment of the participants, both in the in-person sessions and course materials. I am delighted with the outcome, as I had hoped to give participants tools that would be useful in their training environments and scientific foundations. We hope to build on this success in upcoming editions with overwhelmingly positive feedback received so far.”

Vicent Beltran Alcala (ESP)  - project lead World Triathlon

“Rest and Recovery are a fundamental pillar for sports performance with positive physiological and psychological effects. Sleep and rest are crucial for the processes that lead to muscle growth and tissue healing. We have emphasised numerous times throughout the course how important it is to behave appropriately and not just recognise the detrimental effects of not getting enough sleep and recuperation. Having such a wonderful subject-matter expert as Lorena on board for this course has been a pleasure.“

Bachir Boutros Nasr (LBN) 
“Thank you for allowing us to learn more about rest and recovery. As for whether I will change my coaching practices, I certainly will not change them because rest is part of my training protocol, but I will definitely add and introduce more rest and recovery protocols to my athletes. It is great to keep informing and educating us that triathlon is a growing sport, and the more we learn and get certifications, the more the sport will grow, especially in the Middle East, where I am located. ”

Natasha Kelly (IRL) 
“This course has equipped me with a deeper understanding of specific protocols. I feel more confident in explaining and perceiving recovery methods, especially concerning the timing and how specific methods interact/impact training the next day. Having the material available on the educational hub is a great asset to any coach as we can revert and up skill or seek clarity on any aspect of the content covered in the course. The visual aids were very helpful and clear. An excellent example of this is the recovery pyramid I have now printed for my office.“

Tim Maynard (GBR) 
“The content from the course has helped me consider the priorities/ordering and logic behind recovery strategies I will use personally and with my relevant athletes.”

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