Results Management For Adverse Analytical Findings

by ITU Admin on 02 Apr, 2009 12:01

International level testing results:

- Upon receipt of an adverse analytical finding involving one of your triathletes during an ITU sanctioned event or out-of competition on behalf of the ITU, the ITU will immediately issue a notice to you requesting:
- Confirmation or waiver of the B sample analysis,
- Further medical information relevant to the case
- Any other relevant information as required depending on the specific circumstances of the case.

The ITU will keep you updated on the results of the B sample analysis if it was not waived and may also seek additional information for the file.

Once the ITU Anti-Doping Commission decides that there is sufficient evidence to assert that an anti-doping rule violation has been committed, the ITU shall send the triathlete and member federation notice of the violation. In accordance with ITU Rules, in this notice, the ITU shall grant the triathlete the rights associated with an oral or documentary hearing before the ITU Hearing Panel meets to consider the evidence and make a decision on the case.

National level testing results:

- Upon receipt of an adverse analytical finding involving one of your triathletes from a sample collected during a national event or collected out-of-competition by a member federation or a NADO, the ITU will immediately issue a notice requesting at minimum the following specific information which you must promptly provide:

- The athlete’s name, address, and date of birth
- The athlete’s category, event and discipline
- Confirmation (a copy is requested) of a national level TUE
- Any other relevant information requested, including but not limited to the doping control form, prior testing history, medical documentation etc.
- A confirmation that results management is under way: this includes a notice to the athlete, confirmation or not of a B analysis, etc.

ITU also must be given prompt updates on the status of all national level cases and provided with a written, reasoned decision, in English or French, once the national level hearing is completed.

Please note that under ITU Rules, member federations must promptly confirm that results management is under way and complete the process within 3 months by issuing a written decision.

For further assistance with results management procedures, you can download the WADA Results Management Guidelines here.

If you have any questions regarding Anti-doping, please contact Leslie Buchanan, ITU’s Anti-doping Director at

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